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What is linguistics?

Linguistics is the scientific study of  languages.   The area of the study includes specific branches such as:  socio-linguistics,Historical  linguistics,phonetics,styl (MORE)

Who is a linguist?

Most famous is possibly David Crystal. Others include Peter Trugill, Deborah Cameron, Candace West, Angela Goddard, Grice & Goffman. Many universities employ professional ling (MORE)

How does a psycho-linguist differ from a linguist?

'Linguist' is a very general term for a scientist who deals with language in general. A psycho-linguist does research within the field of psycho-linguistics (or is more knowle (MORE)

How do you get to be a linguist?

Linguistics is the study of languages. It does not require an  ability to speak, read, or understand another language, but is a  "Higher Course". I know a number of linguist (MORE)

Why do you study linguistics what is scope of linguistics?

Linguistics is the study of languages and covers all aspects of  language, including phonetics (sounds humans make), phonology (the  way sounds interact in a given language) (MORE)

What does a Linguist do?

A linguist is an expert in language. They specialize in the humanlanguage. Basically, they study MANY languages and they interpretand teach languages.
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