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What is a logo?

A name, symbol, or trademark designed for easy and definite recognition, especially one borne on a single printing plate or piece of type. For the source and more detailed ( Full Answer )
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What does a logo do?

Answer . Well, take Mcdonalds for example. You know the big m sign??? well when you are looking for mcdonalds in the phone book or wherever, its easier to find the big m in ( Full Answer )
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What is logos?

logos mean"study" or in philosophies it means "word" (in Greek) also "a cosmic oder that determines change.
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Where to get IT logo?

It depends what you want. There are lots of options as well. You can research the subject and see what best suits your needs as an individual or company.
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Why have a logo?

So that you are easily recognized. People tend to think in pictures, and symbols are more easily identifiable. Now you ask me, "What does this have to do with having a logo?". ( Full Answer )
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What is in a logo?

Logo is a symbolic representation of your organization which is created on different software like photoshop,corel draw and flash ,there are many more way to get logo concepts ( Full Answer )
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Why is the oxfam logo the oxfam logo?

The Oxfam logo appears to consist of an image consisting of the 'O' and 'X' letterforms, which also serve as the silhouette of a person, and a ribbon to promote the humanitari ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get a logo?

You can either get a graph Save ic designer to create one for you or design it yourself. To understand what a logo is meant to do, we first must know what a logo is. A l ( Full Answer )
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Why did MacDonald's chose logo for there logo?

The Arches Are A Vital Role In McD's History. Once upon a time, In The 50s, A Guy Was Hired To Replace The First Logo. He Saw That If You Looked At The Restaurant At A Certain ( Full Answer )
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Where is logos?

Louise Erdrich says she has been enriched by her ancestors' tongue:"There is a spirit or an originating genius belonging to eachword."