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Who is the captain of the Los Angeles Dodgers?

There is none. Only a few baseball teams have captains like the Yankees (Jeter), Red Sox (Varitek), and the White Sox (Konerko).
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Who are the rivals of the Los Angeles Dodgers?

The San Francisco Giants. The rivalry between the two franchises  dates back to 1890, when the Giants were in New York and the  Dodgers were in Brooklyn.   Through the 2 (MORE)

Name the Los Angeles Dodgers mascot?

They Have No Mascot!!!   True! The Dodgers do not have any official mascot, but one year they did hire a famous clown to entertain the crowds back at Ebbets field. The year (MORE)

How did the Los Angeles Dodgers get their nickname?

  They were, of course, the old Brooklyn Dodgers who got their name from what the fans had to do to get to Ebbets trolley cars.
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What was the lineup of the 1963 Los Angeles Dodgers?

Going by the player that started the most games at a position, the 1963 Dodgers lineup was:   C John Roseboro 1B Ron Fairly 2B Jim Gilliam 3B Ken McMullen SS Maury (MORE)

Why did the Brooklyn Dodgers become the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Walter o'malley the owner of the dodgers wanted a new stadium and Brooklyn did not want to build him and his team one since the attendence was decreasing slowly after the 55 t (MORE)
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