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Does Madagascar have electricity?

Yes, Madagascar have electricity. If you have money, you will be able to have and use all household basic needs in a developed countries such as oven, stove, washing machine, (MORE)

Continent of Madagascar?

Madagascar is located off of the eastern coast of Africa. It  measures 1580 kilometers from north to south and is 560 kilometers  at its widest.
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What is the area of Madagascar?

The area of Madagascar is about 587,041 square kilometers or  226,658 square miles.
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Where is Madagascar?

Southern Africa, island in the Indian Ocean, east of Mozambique Madagascar is an island off Africa's coast is the fourth largest island in the world. it has a surface area of (MORE)

What are facts of Madagascar?

Full name: Republic of Madagascar Population: 19.6 million (via UN, 2009)Capital: Antananarivo Area: 587,041 sq km (226,658 sq miles) Government: Multiparty republic. (MORE)

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What is the superstition of Madagascar?

a supper station of Madagascar is that if an aye aye comes up o you then that night it will come into your house and pierce your heart with its long middle finger. another is (MORE)

What is a marsupial from Madagascar?

  No marsupials live on Madagascar. Marsupials only live in Australia, nearby islands, South America, and (one species) North America.
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Was Madagascar always called Madagascar?

no, the original name for Madagascar was the Malagasy Republic.
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What are the landforms of Madagascar?

The Ambositra Mountain is one of the landforms in the northern part  of Madagascar. Other landforms include Lake Alaotra and Ankarana  National Park with caves, canyons, pla (MORE)