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Are there deserts in Maryland?

Of Course not! Maryland is full of farm lands and rich forests....... Between Baltimore City and Washington D.C Marylands more Metro parts are in the center, while the Appalac (MORE)

Who is the Governor of Maryland?

The current Governor of Maryland is Martin O'Malley (Democrat). O'Malley assumed office as the 61st Governor of Maryland on January 17, 2007. His current term runs from Janu (MORE)

How big is Maryland?

Maryland has a population of about 5,620,000. It is the 42nd largest state with 12,407 square miles.
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Did Maryland have slaves?

Yes. It is south of the Mason-Dixon Line, which divides the northern "free" states from the southern "slave states. There is a statue in the states capital, Annapolis; of Alex (MORE)

What is there to do in Maryland?

Go to Baltimore: View the city from The World Trade Center, located on the edge of the Inner Harbor. Head north and climb the Washingtion Moument, the first moument to the Fat (MORE)

What is a jingle for Maryland?

(to the tune of "forget you" bye ceelow green) this is for when Maryland was founded and it was a 13 original colonies I see you walking round town in Maryland and I'm lik (MORE)

Who established Maryland?

Charles I gave a Charter for Maryland to Cecil Calvert the 2nd Lord Baltimore who sent his younger brother Leonard as the Governor and the first Colonists to the New World in (MORE)

Why is Maryland called Maryland?

Maryland was named in honour of Henrietta Maria; Mary being a shortened form of Maria - Mary's Land.
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Is Maryland in the south?

Maryland is considered to be a South Atlantic state by the US Census Bureau and commonly known to be south of the Mason-Dixon line, a surveying line that symbolizes the cultur (MORE)

How did Maryland get its flag?

  The Maryland flag has the family sheilds of two important families. The red and white crosses are from the crossland family. The Yellow and black chekers are from the ca (MORE)