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Where is Melbourne?

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, the southernmost state of the country of Australia. It is located on Port Phillip Bay, in the southeast of the continent. Port Phill ( Full Answer )
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What is Melbourne like?

Melbourne is a beautiful place all year round with nice beaches, the Melbourne museum, the botanical gardens, the Delicious food of lygon st and the great shopping at the Bour ( Full Answer )
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What is the population of Melbourne?

The population of Melbourne is 3,806,092 people, as of 12/05/10 at 5.45 pm. about 4 million
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Why was Melbourne named Melbourne?

Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, Australia was named after Viscount Melbourne, the Prime Minister of Britain at the time.
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What can you do at Melbourne?

you can do several things like go to the aqaurium, zoo, federation square, parliement house, state library, Luna park, eureka tower, docklands, galatic circus, see live shows ( Full Answer )
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Who settled in Melbourne?

Melbourne was settled by a native born Australian John Batman, who actually started a settlement "illegally". Batman wished to open up new pastureland and promote the growt ( Full Answer )
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Is Melbourne Safe.Why?

When it comes to major cities, Melbourne is very safe. It has a relatively low crime rate, and very high quality police. It is a lot safer during the day than at night. A ( Full Answer )
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What is Melbourne IT?

Melbourne IT is website domain name provider; however, media reports state that phishing emails have been sent to individuals (potential and existing customers of Melbourne IT ( Full Answer )
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Why is Melbourne called Melbourne?

On a visit by Governor Bourke in 1837, Melbourne was officially founded and named for Viscount Melbourne, the Prime Minister of Britain, on the 8th of March.