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How do you make moonshine?

Moonshine starts with a mixture (mash), which can be made of any fermentable substance. The most common is a mixture yeast ,sugar, and water. Sugars for the mash can be derive (MORE)

Why is moonshine illegal?

The primary reason is that moonshine does not pay the proper taxes. The 'Revenuers' that are always referred to as looking for the stills are actually agents of the Internal R (MORE)

Where did moonshine originate from?

The making of moonshine originated after the American Revolution,due to an increased tax on spirits and liquors. Although the WhiskyRebellion proved to be a failed attempt, mo (MORE)

How strong is moonshine?

Traditional Moonshine is usually cut to 80-100 proof, (40% - 50% ABV), however, if it is triple-distilled in a pot still it can reach 160 proof on the third run, (80% ABV), bu (MORE)

Is moonshine legal?

While there are several companies who DO possess a federal tax stamp to legally distill and sell a product they call "Moonshine" the production of 'homemade,' untaxed alco (MORE)

What proof is moonshine?

The proof of moonshine can vary according to the still. It is frequently made and shipped from the still as a concentrate at 190 proof. Then it is diluted at the point of sale (MORE)

Why is moonshine bad for you?

Moonshine often is contaminated with lead from the stills in which it is made. An analysis of moonshine produced at 48 different stills found that 43 of the 48 samples had lea (MORE)

When was moonshine created?

Moonshine has been made in the Appalachia for quite some time. It was made most abundantly during prohibition In the 1920's but mountaineers made it as early as the mid 1800's (MORE)

Is moonshining illegal?

There are many laws that have to be dealt with. For the most part, you can make small quantities for your own use. But the minute you go to sell it, you will be breaking the l (MORE)