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Where is Munich?

Answer . Munich is located on the southeast of Germany. Munich is a German capital.
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What was the Munich Putsch?

Answer   The Munich Putsch was an attempt by the Nazis to seize control of Bavaria in November 1923 and then to try to seize control of Germany. The attempt failed and Hi (MORE)
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What was munich agreement?

The Sudetenland were areas along borders of Czechoslovakia, mainly inhabited by ethnic Germans. The agreement was negotiated at a conference held in Munich, Germany, among the (MORE)

What was the munich mistake?

The Munich Mistake is often considered what lead Europe in the  disastrous World War II. It was appeasing Germany when it began its  arms buildup. Rather than challenging th (MORE)
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Where is Munich and Hamburg?

Munich is the capital of the German state of Bavaria(Bayern in German). Hamburg is the capital of the German state of Hamburg. For a map of Germany click on the link. Discover (MORE)
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What things are there to do in Munich?

Things to do in Munich: - visit the tourist attractions - walk in a park - go to movies or theater - play sport, swim indoors or outdoors - walk along the Isar river (MORE)
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In what state is Munich?

Munich is in Bavaria. In fact, it's the capital of Bavaria. It's the third largest city of the Germany. Its located near the scenic Alpes. It's the capital of the largest stat (MORE)
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What can you do in munich?

Munich has lots of interesting and beautiful sites, that are worth visiting. In the city centre alone, there's for example the pedestrian zone with the city hall and it's famo (MORE)