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Where is Munich?

Answer . Munich is located on the southeast of Germany. Munich is a German capital.
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What was the Munich Putsch?

Answer . The Munich Putsch was an attempt by the Nazis to seize control of Bavaria in November 1923 and then to try to seize control of Germany. The attempt failed and Hitl (MORE)
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What is Munich betrayal?

France had a military alliance with Czechoslovakia yet signed an agreement with Hitler on 30 September 1938 in Munich which permitted Germany's annexation of Czechoslovakia's (MORE)

What is the population of Munich?

As of 2013, the populations of Munich was 1.388 million. Munich isthe capital and the largest city of the German state of Bavaria. Itis located on the River Isar.
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Munich is in?

\nMunich is the third most populous city of Germany. It is located in Bavaria, Southern Germany.
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How do you pronounce Munich?

In English it is pronounced MYOO-nik, however, in the German language, Munich has a different name and pronunciation.
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What can you do in munich?

Munich has lots of interesting and beautiful sites, that are worth visiting. In the city centre alone, there's for example the pedestrian zone with the city hall and it's famo (MORE)
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When is octoberfest in Munich?

Most years it takes place during the last two weeks of September up until the third of October. The dates in 2012 are 22.09.2012 - 07.10.2012.
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Where is Bayern Munich?

Bayern Munich is the name of a German soccer team. Bayern is aregion in Germany and Munich is the city that is its capital. InEnglish Bayern is more commonly known as Bavaria. (MORE)