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Why did Napoleon Bonaparte kill Jews?

Napoleon was actually quite famous for not killing Jews. There were  actually numerous debates in Rabbinic Circles as to who was the  greater curse to Jews: Emperor Napoleon (MORE)

Why was Napoleon Bonaparte short?

Well, why are other people short? He was born that way. i don't remember him having any certain condition to cause it. Napoleon was five foot six and one half inches tall, whi (MORE)

What are napoleon bonapartes achievements?

Napoléon Bonaparte's achievements are many. One example is his conquest of lands and creating allies. He made France reach all the way up to the North Sea, conquered some lan (MORE)

Why did people like Napoleon Bonaparte?

He gave them, what french people never had before, which is: Religion,Education,Victory, and many more things. He was the one that ended the French Revolution as well.
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From where is Napoleon Bonaparte?

He was born in Ajaccio , in Corsica, the small island located southwest of Italy. that was taken by the french mere years before. Napoleon was lucky, if Napoleon was born any (MORE)

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Where was napoleon bonapartes from?

Napoleon was born and raised in Ajaccio, Corsica. Corsica is an  island near Italy in the Mediterranean Ocean that the French  possess. It has a Mediterranean climate, and i (MORE)