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When did Norse mythology start?

Norse mythology came no earlier than the migration period of the  4th century AD in Icelandic regions. Modern Norse mythology as  recorded by the Germanic people started in (MORE)

What are the nine realms of Norse mythology?

1: HELHEIM, HEL's Domain of the Dead 2 : NIFLHEIM, the frosty Realm of Ice 3 : JOTUNHEIM, Land of the Giants 4 : NIDAVELLIR, the Land of Dwarfs 5 : SVARTALFHEIM, the D (MORE)

What do trolls eat in Norse Mythology?

Trolls are probably capable of eating several different things (for example animals), they do after all live in the wilderness. There are examples of trolls eating porridge in (MORE)

How did denmark get created in Norse mythology?

There is no surviving myth about the creation of all of Denmark, but there is a story about the creation of Zealand: The goddess Gefjun visited Gylfi, the king of Sweden, in d (MORE)

Who was sigurd in Norse mythology?

Sigurd is a legendary hero of Norse mythology, Sigurd was supposedly the posthumous son of Sigmund and his second wife, Hiordis. He is a part of the Völsungasaga. Sigurd kill (MORE)

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