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What is an opera?

It's like a play, but the story is sung instead of simply spoken. As in a play, the characters act and there is staging. Some operas have spoken dialogue between songs; in oth (MORE)
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What is Opera?

An opera is a dramatic work to be sung with instrumental accompaniment, usually with scenery and in costume. Opera is also the name of the web browser and internet suite by O (MORE)

Is the phantom of the opera an opera?

No, while it does contain three operas the show itself is a musical. The opera bit refers to the fact that it is set in an opera house, in reality it is a musical, (Andrew Ll (MORE)

Why is the phantom of the opera called an opera?

Gaston Leroux the Phantom of the Opera uses many opera songs the Phantom sings to Christine and to the opera audience. The example of Opera Songs sungs by the Phantom: The Res (MORE)
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How does rock opera compare to opera?

Just as 'opera' evolved over the centauries one could say that 'rock opera' is a further evolution.. Just like 'opera' it tells a story but a very modern setting, with rock i (MORE)

Is phantom of the opera a play or an opera?

Gaston Leroux the creator of the Phantom of the Opera, he intended to be full pledge Opera because the Phantom had a huge vocal range. Chapter XII Apollo's Lyre - I hear (MORE)
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What is an opera about?

There are thousands of operas on hundreds of topics: this is like asking "what is a movie about." Popular themes are love, death, betrayal, war, and magic.