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What does the photosynthesis do?

It takes in sunlight through the leaves and changes it into Glucose. This Glucose is then changed into lots of different things which the plant needs. Such as protein. Lipids (MORE)
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How do you get photosynthesis?

You Get Photosynthesis In Plants..Basicly What Happens Is That The Leaves Of A Plant Absorb Light.They Then Use The Light To Get Glucose And Oxygen As Waste Products.They Stor (MORE)

What do you get out of photosynthesis?

green plants take sunlight and convert it into sugars to make food or energy Carbon dioxide and water use the sun's energy to produce glucose (sugar) and oxygen. Glucose is (MORE)

What does photosynthesis do?

inside each leaf cell are tiny green structures called chloroplasts (KLOR uh plasts). the green color comes from a substance called chlorophyll (KLOR uh fil). chlorophyll capt (MORE)
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What if there was no photosynthesis?

Then autotrophic species would not be able to survive. There would be a collapse in the food chain of every habitat and a possible mass extinction. Another possibility is th (MORE)

How do you do photosynthesis?

People cannot perform photosynthesis, in Autumn when tree leaves change colors that is what photosynthesis is. In Autumn, the chlorophyll pigments break down and reveal the pr (MORE)

Who can photosynthesis?

People cannot photosynthesis... in Autumn when tree leaves turn different colors so that is photosynthesis (In Autumn, the chlorophyll pigments break down and reveal the prese (MORE)

What does photosynthesis get?

The two reactants in photosynthesis are water (H2O) and light. The products of photosynthesis are oxygen (O2), NADPH and ATP. These then cycle and become reactants in the Calv (MORE)