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Where is Rihanna from?

Rihanna was born in St. Michael, Barbados. Rihanna is from Barbados - an island of the Lesser Antilles in the eastern part of the Caribbean Sea.
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When is Rihanna at her happiest?

Obviously Rhianna is at her happiest when she is on stage singing her heart out with her loving passionate fans - like any other famous singer! i know this because interviews (MORE)
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What is Rihanna short for?

Rihanna is not short for anything. Rihanna is just her middle name. Although Rae can be short for Rihanna.

Is Rihanna appropriate?

I would say she is. Everyone has a different style and she's a grown woman who lives her life. No real scandals, not even her nude pics that was private .
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What is Rihanna religious?

Rihanna has never spoken of her opinion on religion but many think she is an illuminate from hints that are in the songs she sings. An illuminate is someone who worships the d (MORE)
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Why did rihanna name herself rihanna?

her name is robyn rihanna fenty she probably liked middle name. 1989, Billy Ray Cyrus was the one who suggested she used her middle name! Rihanna is half African Ameri (MORE)