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What did Roald Amundsen do?

Roald Amundsen was a noted Norwegian explorer. He planned to be the first to the North Pole, but having been beaten by Frederick Cook and Robert Peary, he then altered his pla (MORE)

Where did Roald Amundsen die?

It is unknown exactly where Roald Amundsen died, but he disappeared on 18 June 1928 while on a rescue mission. Italian aeronautical engineer Umberto Nobile's airship "the Ital (MORE)

Who was Roald Amundsen and what did he do?

Roald Amundsen was a noted Norwegian explorer.   He was aboard the Belgica, the first vessel to winter-over  in Antarctica, in 1899.    He led the team to be first (MORE)

What did roald amundsen eat?

Some food was powder milk, fresh frozen seal meat, buck, wheat  germ, butter, cream, cakes, tinned meats, tinned California fruits,  tracts, pudding, pies, pastries, seal st (MORE)

What was Roald Amundsen interaction with the natives?

During the Gjoa Expedition of the Northwest Passage, 1903-06,  Amundsen mastered using animal skins for clothing, which repelled  water better than cloth clothing, and he le (MORE)