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Why did the Salem witch trials end?

The trials officially ended because once the queen was accused she demanded that the trials be stopped EDIT: The Queen was not accused. The wife of the Massachusetts governor (MORE)

How and Why did the Salem Witch trials get started?

The Salem Witch Trials began when a girl fell "sick" in 1692. Soon three girls were "sick." they were named Ann Putnam Jr., Abigail Williams, and Betty Parris. They were havin (MORE)

What happened at the Salem witch trials?

During The Salem Witch Trials people were executed because the were either proven guilty to witchcraft or confessed to Witchcraft. Many people were hanged and one person, was (MORE)

Who were the judges in the Salem witch trials?

Chief Judge William Stoughton Associate Judges Jonathan Corwin, Salem Thomas Danforth, Boston Bartholomew Gedney, Salem John Hathorne, Salem John Richards, Boston Nathaniel Sa (MORE)

How did the salem witch trials work?

The legal trials were standard to the era. Groups of accused (five in most cases, eight in one and a single person in the only exception) were sent in front of a panel of judg (MORE)

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