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What is science?

science- It is method of obtaining knowledge throughobservation and experimentation. The study of something oftenthought of as the study of nature and it's laws; the laws of ( Full Answer )
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What science can answer?

Science can answer any thing.. whether practical or impractical.. so now its up to you what u want to ask.
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What can you do science?

you can do any thing. you can do exiperiments and find out about your body, life, the earth, the solar ststem, rocks, reasorces, and many different things. you can even play g ( Full Answer )
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Science is to what?

Science (from the latin scientia , meaning "knowledge") is a systematic enterprise of gathering knowledge about the universe,world and organizing and condensing that knowled ( Full Answer )
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Why is there science?

Science is the means by which we seek truth about the universe we find ourselves in. It exists so that we can use our knowledge to better our lives such as in the development ( Full Answer )
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What is science not?

science is everyting. everything around you is made up of matter, and matter is science. (:
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How do you get in A on science?

You should study and try your best. You do lots of example problems, and seek help from those who can help you learn.
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What science can do?

if we have science we can do everything science is the most important thing in our life by science we can solve our problems and if we have a science we can compaire our mista ( Full Answer )
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Why you have science?

We have science to learn about the way the world around us is made up. Like, how we breathe, what we are, the enviroment around us. It is important because it teaches us about ( Full Answer )