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What is serge in sewing?

  Serging is a way to finish a raw fabric edge to keep it from fraying. A Serger cuts the fabric edge as it goes through and sews an over-lock stitch that creates a clean, (MORE)
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How do you sew in hair?

  Answer     First, you need a hook hair needle and hair thread. You must wash and dry your hair. Then have then section you want extentions in braided in cornro (MORE)
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What is a sewing notion?

  Notions are things such as thread, elastic, zippers, lace, bias tape, etc. Basically the accessories you will need while making the project.
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How do you sew?

take a needle and a thread and put the thread through the hole  (also known as the 'eye') in the needle. Tie a knot at the end of  the thread and put the needle through the (MORE)

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What is a sewing gauge?

  A sewing gauge is a small ruler about 6 inches in length. It has a sliding marker that is set to a specific measurement and comes in handy when measuring the same length (MORE)
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What is importance of sewing?

Sewing is important because it is all around us. It holds together  almost all of the clothing that you own. It also is an important  social activity, since people who sew o (MORE)
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How can you learn how to sew?

Learning to Sew   Here are answers and opinions from FAQ Farmers:   * Yes it is good to go to different websites but my opinion with starting is to go for hands on cla (MORE)

What is a sewing thread?

Thread is the name for the string used in sewing. It is usually  very thin, so that it is easily put through the eye of a needle and  pulled through fabric. It is sold in ma (MORE)