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How do you sew?

take a needle and a thread and put the thread through the hole(also known as the 'eye') in the needle. Tie a knot at the end ofthe thread and put the needle through the materi (MORE)

Do I need a sewing machine to sew?

No, you dont need a sewing machine to sew but it is better to have one as they are faster. if your not bothered about the speed of your work than you can always hand stitch. T (MORE)

What is sewing?

sewing is using a thread and needle or a sewing machine to stitch together fabrics to mkae an item. please check out this website for patterns

What can you sew?

you can sew many thing. patch work, you can make chlothes, you can sew pretty much anything you can stick a needle through
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What to do if your sewing machine won't sew?

If your sewing machine will not sew, first check that you have itthreaded and plugged in correctly. If it still will not sew, makesure you clean and oil it following the direc (MORE)

How do you start sewing from a sewing machine?

Every sewing machine is a little different, so be sure to read yourmanual. You want to make sure that the machine is threadedcorrectly from the top (through the mechanisms and (MORE)
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Why wont your sewing machine sew?

To begin with, make sure it is plugged in and threaded properly. Also, ensure the hand wheel is tightened. Beyond those things, you may need hands on help.

What is a sew?

join, fasten, or repair (something) by making stitches with aneedle and thread or a sewing machine.