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What did the shoshones wear?

The Shoshone women wore moccasins for their feet and long deerskindresses with wide sleeves. The Shoshone men also wore moccasins,along with breechcloths and leggings.
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Where did the Shoshones live?

The Shoshone are a Native American tribe in the United States with three large divisions: the Northern, the Western and the Eastern. The Shoshone were sometimes called the Sna (MORE)
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Who are the Shoshone Indians?

The Shoshone Indians are of the Uto-Atzecan linguistic stock andoccupied territory in California, Nevada, Utah, and Idaho, withmost of them settled in Idaho.
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What was the shoshone government?

the Shoshone government was barley existent. the shaman was the leader in most cases *************************************************************** Actually there was no (MORE)
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Who are the shoshones?

Shoshone people are Indians who lived in the more western parts of America. The Shoshone Indians became famous over time, considering the acts of Sacagewea in the Lewis And Cl (MORE)
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Who is Shoshone?

Shoshone is not a person but an Indian tribe, if you've ever heard of Sacajawea then you have heard of the Shoshone tribe. Sacajawea was a Shoshone Indian that led Louis and C (MORE)
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What was the shoshone guide?

That would be " Who was the Shoshone guide on the Lewis and Clark expedition?" and the answer is the young Shoshone girl with a Hidatsa name: Tsakakawia (Bird Woman). This na (MORE)
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What were the Shoshone laws?

Shoshones are the north American Indian People of south-western United States.They have been living on those lands for thousands of years and have their own laws n theology. T (MORE)
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What is the tribe of Shoshone?

The Shoshone tribe was a peaceful tibe encountered by lewis andclark in august 1805... they lived in teepees and traded hoarsesfor other supplies with lewis and clark... also (MORE)