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How are space stations removed from space?

In the past, stations such as the United States' Skylab and the Soviet / Russian stations Salyut 1 and Mir, were de-orbited after their acceptable life. In the case of Salyut (MORE)

Can you change space suits in space?

No, not while outside the space craft. The vaccum outside would cause all the gasses in your body to boil, the extreme cold would freeze dry you, and not to mention the tiny p (MORE)

How does a space shuttle get to space?

The first stage would be launch of course, which uses the main engines (three liquid fueled rockets) and the two Solid Rocket Boosters that are ignited right after the main en (MORE)

Why was the mir space station in space?

In 1986, the Soviet Union launched a space station into space. That is a place where astronauts can eat and sleep during their missions. Mir was supposed to orbit earth for fi (MORE)

How fast is a space shuttle in the space?

The orbiter's velocity on orbit is approximately 25,405 feet per second (17,322 statute miles per hour). In order to return to earth, the shuttle fires its Orbital Manuevering (MORE)

How do space shuttle get into space?

space shuttle orbiters are launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. They must not only travel the ~250 miles to reach "space", they must accelerate to over 17,000 mp (MORE)