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How is it in space?

In space it is cold. It maybe light it may be dark. It depends where you are in space eg. close to the sun
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What is out in space?

planets and galaxies though there are thdings such as meteorites and stars. e4ach star that we are able to see bhyere onj earth are suns on the other planhets. each planet has (MORE)
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What do you have to do in space?

in space astronauts do experiments like growing plants and they fix satelites and they research things on computers.
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Where is the space?

Space is in the tropasphere also for later questions the earths ozone layer is being destroyed by polution
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What is in space?

space is nothing but if yo say space not the background there would be stars, the sun and well other stuff and if your thinking if a fish can live underwater without brething (MORE)
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How did space get there?

It was always there. If you think about it, it's impossible for there to be "nothing" and nothing can truly be "empty".
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How will he get to space?

how will who get to space? besides this question of your's doesn't make any sense.
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How do they get into space?

In a space shuttle usually but now that has been decommisioned the only way to get into space is to build your own (safe) space craft or go to Russia where you can get into sp (MORE)
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How will you get to space?

Most space launches are executed in steps. Step 1 usually consists of launching the craft from Earth into the high atmosphere. Step 2 disconnects the initial rocket boosters a (MORE)
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How do get into space?

To get into space, you would have to have a rocket. You would need a lot of explosives to get your rocket into space, because earth`s atmosphere is so strong. You would also n (MORE)