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How do you get to space?

you have to go through a train coarse then become an astronaut then you go to NASA and fly into space in a space shuttle. (say hi to the aliens for me)

What is out in space?

planets and galaxies though there are thdings such as meteorites and stars. e4ach star that we are able to see bhyere onj earth are suns on the other planhets. each planet has (MORE)

What is the space?

From Wikipedia: Space is the boundless, three-dimensional extent in which objects and events occur and have relative position and direction. [1] Physical space is often conc (MORE)

What is on space?

Nothing is on space. There are two types of 'space' # Galactical Space- Space in Galaxies # Intergalactical Space- Space in between galaxies

Why is there space?

It is the filler in the universe between all the things: stars, planets, rocks, galaxies, etc. It is what is expanding to cause the big bang everywhere all the time. Without i (MORE)

What is space?

Space is the continuous three-dimensional field extending in every direction in which all physical bodies are located and all events take place. The spatial dimensions that ar (MORE)

How do they get into space?

In a space shuttle usually but now that has been decommisioned the only way to get into space is to build your own (safe) space craft or go to Russia where you can get into sp (MORE)

How will you get to space?

Most space launches are executed in steps. Step 1 usually consists of launching the craft from Earth into the high atmosphere. Step 2 disconnects the initial rocket boosters a (MORE)