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Why did the spanish armada loose?

  There have been many sources and debates regarding why the Spanish armada lost their conquest and why they were defeated. Amongst these; the weather, bad planning and En (MORE)

What were the Spanish' tactics in the Spanish armada?

the spanish would make a crescent shape formation. Battle ships on the outside and cargo ships on the inside and duke of Medina sennidonia. the spanish used the traditional b (MORE)

What was the Spanish armada?

The Spanish Armada was an ill-fated invasion force sent by Spain against England in 1588. King Philip II of Spain launched the attack because of the Protestant rule of Elizabe (MORE)

How did the Spanish prepare for the Spanish armada?

In 1588 (and even for several years prior), in anticipation of  their intended invasion of the British Isles, Spanish leaders  prepared their "Armada Invincible" in various (MORE)

Did the spanish armada attack gravesend?

Not the Spanish Armada, but a Castilian-French fleet during the  Hundred Years War. Several raids were conducted by Castille in  English soil during the Hundred Years War. O (MORE)

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Why was the spanish armada defeated by the English armada?

The Spanish royalty and military leaders believed that the English  navy could be conquered if a strong enough force could be assembled  against it. Therefore, they sent a h (MORE)