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What are the elasticities of demand and supply?

The price elasticity of demand and price elasticity of supply refer to the relationship between the rate of change of price and demand or supply. Elasticity is a unit expresse (MORE)

Can demand creates its own supply?

Yes demand can create its own supply, the Keynesian economist view  believed this. Markets will always try to meet demands because they  want to gain the most they can from (MORE)

How does supply and demand work?

Demand is basically the desire to own something and the ability to  pay for it, while supply is the amount of a good or service offered  for sale. When the two are combined (MORE)

Supply and demand by Islamic perspective?

Islamic Economics gives great importance to the concepts of "Demand and Supply". Islam encourages the fair price determination methodology, which should be based upon the real (MORE)

How do you solve when demand exceeds supply?

Make or stock more but sell higher until supply meets demand, usually selling at a fair market price will cause higher volumes of sales because more can afford it. Conversely, (MORE)
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Determinants of demand and supply?

determinants of demand :   -income and wealth   -prices of other goods and services   -tastes and preferences   -expectations    determinants of supply (MORE)

Who determines supply and who determines demand?

The brilliant thing is that no-one has that job. The buyers determine the demand, without colluding, and the sellers determine the supply. If they get it right, demand equals (MORE)

What is Supply and demand economics?

Answer     what is supply and demand?     ANSWER   In economics, supply and demand describes market relations between prospective sellers and buyers of a (MORE)
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