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Who invented Tetris?

Mr Pajitnov developed Tetris in 1985 at the Moscow Academy of Sciences' Computer Center. There is an interesting story about him and the game in the link below. http://www. (MORE)
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How old is tetris?

Tetris was originally released on June 6, 1984. This would make Tetris 27 years old.
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What rhymes with tetris?

Tetris: 1 syllable: bliss, chris, diss, hiss, kiss, lists, miss, piss, pris, sis, Swiss, this 2 syllables: abyss, amiss, assists, at this, consists, deep kiss, dismis (MORE)
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What categories does tetris have?

Hmmm, I don know the answer for What categories does a tetris have..? But i sure do know how many balls my testis has.. I also know the length of the hair in my testis... I (MORE)
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What word did they get Tetris from?

The word "Tetris" is comprised of the Greek numerical prefix "tetra-" (meaning all of the game's pieces contain four segments) and tennis, Pajitnov's (the creator of Tetris) f (MORE)
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What is a KO in Tetris?

A "KO" in Tetris is what happens when you get your opponent to lose the game (when he/she/CPU's pieces reach the top).
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Why am I bad at Tetris?

You probably don't think of all the options or think ahead where pieces will go.
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What is Tetris Battle?

it is the most played brick game and most famous brick game you should also use your brain and speed
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How do you win in Tetris?

the game is pretty much impossible is was made so people could see how gets best score and so on so there isn't an ending