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Will they make The Lorax video game?

There is no official word concerning the video game release. Dr Seusses wife currently holds the rights to The Lorax. It is unknown if an official video game of The Lorax will (MORE)

What is the Lorax What is his role in the book?

The Lorax's role is to speak for the trees, and for nature... the bar-ba-loots, the hummingfish, and basically all of the environment. The lesson is that we need to notice nat (MORE)

What argument does The Lorax give for saving the trees?

They are a necesity, and with the downfall of trees, other living  organisms fall down with them. The animals have no food or shelter.  The human population will no longer h (MORE)

Where does The Lorax take place?

If you're talking about the movie, it took place at a metropolis-like community called, "Thneedville"(th-need-vil). The reason it called that name is because the Once Ler made (MORE)

In The Lorax who is the Somebody?

In the Lorax, the somebody is the industry. All of the greedy  owners who pollute the environment for money.
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Is the Lorax real?

I'm sorry to all kids that do believe that he is real but he isn't but don't let this bum you out you can still help out the world by planting seeds so there can be trees in t (MORE)

Why does The Lorax speak for the trees?

The Lorax speaks for the trees because "the trees have no tongues." ... They can't speak for themselves, and someone needs to recognize how valuable they are, how much they im (MORE)

What is plural for lorax?

The word Lorax (or more correctly The Lorax) is a leading character in the Dr. Seuss story 'The Lorax". Since there is only one character called The Lorax, the plural form is (MORE)

What is a snead from the Lorax?

It is the product made from the trees, no one really needed it, until they were told that they did. It was sold to them as "the sneed, the thing that everyone needs, and was k (MORE)