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Who is Mighty the Armadillo?

WHO IS MIGHTY THE ARMADILLO?! He is almost as great as sonic! If only he could run faster. His power is super strength, his type: of course power. His main partner (like sonic (MORE)

Why was the mighty boosh canceled?

The Mighty Boosh was not cancelled. Creators Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding did a tour in 2008/2009 after the third series. They then worked on, and released, a book (The Mi (MORE)

What did Kevin die of in Freak the Mighty?

Kevin died because his heart was too big for his body and he knew  he was gonna die young. Actually that story on how he was going to  have the first robot body and that he (MORE)

Where can you buy the Kiss jacket which Noel Fielding is wearing during the mighty boosh live DVD?

I would love this jacket so much. But I Think he designed it himself I'm afraid. Noel designs most of his clothes, and either helps make them or gets someone else to make them (MORE)

Where can you buy mighty boosh merchandise in London?

As far as Im aware there's nowhere that sells mighty boosh merchindise apart from their website or at venue's of their live tour which will be in London soon. I know there is (MORE)

Who is freak and who is mighty?

Freak is the nik-name of Kevin who is Max's best friend.He invented "Freak the Mighty" nik-name for both of them because together they are really mighty; Kevin, the small brai (MORE)

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