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What does twerk mean?

Twerk also known as twerking, is a sexually provocative dance move.  It involves hip thrusting moves in a low, squatting stance.
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How do you twerk?

To twerk you basically hold your hands out beside you and shake  your booty. Try looking at videos on YouTube if you need more help.  If you are over 50, don't try you will (MORE)

What do you do when you get a twerk?

If you mean when someone twerks for you or in front of you then the  answer is to go with the flow cause that is what my lover Evan did  when we went dancing and I twerked i (MORE)

Is twerking nasty?

It all depends on who you ask. Many do consider it nasty. At the least, it is sexually provocative. Whether that makes it nasty is all up to personal interpretation. After all (MORE)

Is twerking illegal?

It is only illegal if you do it against those who don't give you  consent or do it publicly in the few places where it is illegal. If  you do it in most places without doing (MORE)

Who created twerking?

Twerking is a type of dance that was believed to have been  originated in West Africa by the Mapouka tribe. It was introduced  in the United States in the early 1990's by wa (MORE)