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What does twerk mean?

Twerk also known as twerking, is a sexually provocative dance move.It involves hip thrusting moves in a low, squatting stance.

How do you twerk?

To twerk you basically hold your hands out beside you and shakeyour booty. Try looking at videos on YouTube if you need more help.If you are over 50, don't try you will hurt y (MORE)

Who is the twerk team?

the twerk team is a group of girls who twerk ( booty shaking ) just go on you tube and type in twerk team and click a video and you'll see :)

What do you do when you get a twerk?

If you mean when someone twerks for you or in front of you then theanswer is to go with the flow cause that is what my lover Evan didwhen we went dancing and I twerked in fron (MORE)

How do you twerk on a guy?

to give a boy a good twerk or twerk on a boy good, you do not have to have a big backside you must no how to move you backside right some like to do it in circles or up and do (MORE)

How do you get a girl to twerk on you?

grab her by her wait and turn her around grab her right hand andput it in the air and then she will start to twerk on you thenstill hold on to her hip with your left hand and (MORE)