Hip Hop Dancing

Hip-hop dancing is a form of dance made popular in the 1970s. The main styles of hip-hop dance include breaking, popping and locking. Substyles include roboting, waving, liquid, strobing, and others.

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Hip Hop Dancing

Does YMCA have hip hop dance classes?

Yes some do, but they might be really bad.. when i say bad i mean like not true hiphop.

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Hip Hop Dancing

Where does vinny castronovo live?

He lives in Englishtown, New Jersey but i don't know what street because i live in California=)

Hip Hop Dancing

Where is Vinny Castronovo from?

Englishtown, New Jersey.

Hip Hop Dancing

What is it called in dance when you bend back?

It is called a bridge if you just bend back

It is called a walkover if you do a handstand and land in a bridge

It is called a back hand spring if you push off and do both really fast

Hope I helped :)

By Sugaheart426

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Hip Hop Dancing

Why do people find dubstep so fun to grind to?

They can pretend to be robots.

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Hip Hop Dancing

What is Vinny castronovo's ustream account?

He's not going to put his ustream acount online cuz then people will steal his identity and cuz he's not dumb

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Hip Hop Dancing

When will this hip-hop phase go away or at least take a step back to something new?

'hip-hop ain't goin nowhere..since new sound is comin out all da time..i don't think it will Eva stop..dis is Bunny..

hip hop 4eva'

The real answer? Who knows. It could happen overnight (not really, it's just an expression) or it could take years. I personally like hip-hop. -Drogen

Hip Hop Dancing

What song should i dance for my talent show?

stereo hearts

Hip Hop Dancing

What are vinny castronovo's favorite colors?

royal blue

Hip Hop Dancing

Where was hip hop dance invented?

Hip hop is evolved from advanced forms of breakdancing... which originated on the streets of New York and New Jersey.

Hip Hop Dancing

How old is chachi?


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Hip Hop Dancing

What songs are on just dance 3 wii?

There is Video killed the radio star by the Buggles, Forget You by Ceelo Green, Pump it by the black eyed peas, California Girls by Katy Perry, Beautiful Liar by Beyonc'e, and many more common songs of 2012.

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Hip Hop Dancing

What are all of the ICONic Boyz names and nicknames?

Christopher Corradino

Jared Madridejos

Jason "No Bonez" Smith

Joey Fernandez

Jon D'onofrio

Louis "Dapitbul" Dipippa

Madison "Mad Boyz" Alamia

Mikey "Spikey Mikey" Fusco

Nick "Nicholicious" Mara

Nicholas Rubiano

Thomas "T-money" Miceli

Tony Garcia

Tristan Rubiano

Vincent "Just Vinny or Grandman" Castronovo

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Hip Hop Dancing

How did hip hop originate?

Hip-hop began 30 years ago in the South Bronx, a borough of New York City, a neighborhood that seemed to exemplify the bleakness of poor urban places.

Hip Hop Dancing

Who is Olivia Chachi Gonzales?

She is one of the dancers in a group called I.Am.Me, which one America's Best Dance Crew this year



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Hip Hop Dancing

How tall is diversity Ashley Banjo?

195 cm/ 6 ft. 5 inches

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Hip Hop Dancing

Who invented hip-hop?

Afrika Bambaata invented hip hop along with Dj Kool Herc. The early days of hip hop were just mixing, cutting, and scatching but then MCing and freestyling were invented.

Hip Hop Dancing

What is the hip hop dance you do with your hands called?

Krumping and bboying are hip hop dancestyles that involve handwork.

Downrock and power moves constantly require upper-body strength and your hands for a lot of your bodyweight.

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Hip Hop Dancing

How is hip hop good and why?

While some people criticize hip hop music, the truth is that in every generation, young people have music that they consider theirs, music that speaks to them. In the 1950s, for example, young people rejected their parents' Big Band music and chose rock and roll/rhythm and blues because it was energetic and exciting. In the late 1960s, young people rejected top-40 music and chose album rock because it spoke about the war, and other social issues. In more recent times, many young people have been attracted to hip-hop because it is the music of the streets and it reflects the concerns and fears and hopes of young people (black, white, Latino/a) living in an urban environment. Even those who do not live in an urban setting can still find something in certain hip-hop songs that they can relate to, which is why these songs are so popular with a wide range of young people.

Hip hop dancing is worth practicing; it is an energetic kind of dancing, but it takes forever to learn the power moves like airflares and jackhammers. It's good exercise because it requires upper-body strength and balance, and it's common knowledge that exercise, especially dance, helps increase lifespan and boosts health.

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Hip Hop Dancing

What is hip hop culture?

Hip-hop was brought over by the African griots a long time ago. Hip-hop culture includes Beat-boxing, graffiti, emceeing, breakdancing, dj-ing, slang, and hip-hop fashion. I think hip-hop culture is 65% of my life

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Hip Hop Dancing

How would I find the best professional hip hop dance teacher?

Finding a Dance InstructorThe best place to start is by asking friends and family members for a referral. If that doesn't create some possibilities, you can try doing a search on the Internet or check your local Yellow Pages. As a last resort, place a small ad in your local classifieds. This will allow you to interview potential candidates and you might have the opportunity to take private lessons. "Shop" around and always ask for referrals before making a choice.

Well there is no "best" hip hop dance teacher because everyone is equally just as good but it depends on what specific type of hip hop style that teacher can offer. I agree with the comment above and say you should go to the internet which is also the best place but also find fellow hip hop dancers who you think are good and ask who teaches them. Just ask around and there are some studios where you can watch teachers teach their class for free to see if you like the their style.

You could go to a local dance studio and ask for hip-hop

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Hip Hop Dancing

How old are all 15 ICONic Boyz?

1) Nick Mara :13
2) Madison Alamia:

3) Nick Rubiano:

4) Joey Fernandez:12
5) John D'Onofrio:

6) Chris Corradino:13
7) Mikey Fusco:

8) Jason Smith: 12
9) Jared Madridejos:

10) Thomas Micelli:

12) Louis Dipippa:

13) Julian Deguzman:

14) Tristan Rubiano:14
15) Josh Price:12

16) Vinny Castronovo:


Hip Hop Dancing

What is vinny castronovo's middle name?

he doesn't have one

Hip Hop Dancing

What is the history of hip hop dance?

The first form of hip hop dance was breakdance, which appeared in New York City in the 1970s. Specifically, it was part of the rising hip hop movement of the African American and Latin American scene in the South Bronx at the time.

dancing came from Africa originally then other places all over the world started creating their own dances. that's how the Cuban dance came along tango, and other dances as such

Hip Hop Dancing

What shoes are good to hip hop dance in?

technically, any shoe is fine but if you want to know a good brand of shoes for hip-hop is Nike. Nike Air. Nike airs have springs for when you need them and they are very grippy


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