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What is Uzbekistan like?

The capital city Tashkent is very different from more traditional and old cities like Samarkand, Buhara, Namangan. The capital is very active and doesn't have a 'downtown'. Ma (MORE)

What is uzbekistan?

  It is a country located south of Russia and Kazakhstan. It is in Central Asia. It's the second biggest cotton exporter in the world after U.S.A.  
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Who is the President of Uzbekistan?

The chairman of the Uzbek Senate, Nigmatilla Yuldashev,  became the acting president following the death of longtime  incumbent Islam Karimov on September 2, 2016 (age 78). (MORE)

Does uzbekistan have seasons?

Uzbekistan a destinations where all four seasons are beatifull. Its depends on your choice when to go visit there. It could be winter time if you prefer ski and trekking or sp (MORE)

How did uzbekistan get its name?

Uzbekistan took its name from Khan Uzbek, the ruler responsible for  the conversion of the 'Golden Horde' to Islam at the beginning of  the 14th century. Its cities Tashkent (MORE)