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Did merle haggard and Waylon Jennings ever sing together? least not recorded music for certain. They were on some tours together opening shows for headline acts in the mid to late 60's....maybe the sang live together, but I (MORE)

What guitar did Waylon Jennings play?

  A White FENDER Telecaster, dressed in Black! Long live The HOSS!!
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Did Waylon Jennings sing in We Are the World?

He was invited and did sing on the chorus parts, but left after there was a creative argument about the lyrics. Stevie Wonder wanted a line to be sung in Swahili. Geldof point (MORE)

Were jack clements and waylon jennings brother in laws?

Today , April 10, 2010, Cowboy Jack Clements was on NPR's Prairie Home Companion and he stated that Waylon was his brother-in-law, but he did not explain that statement.
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