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Willie Nelson is an award-winning country music singer-songwriter, producer, actor, author, poet and activist. All questions concerning Willie Nelson can be found here.

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Willie Nelson

What did Ozzie Nelson die from?

cancer of the liver.

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Willie Nelson

How old is Willie Nelson?

Singer and actor Willie Nelson is 84 years old (birthdate: April 30, 1933).

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Willie Nelson

What country music singers have died?

- Roy Acuff

- David "Stringbean" Akeman

- Rex Allen

- Eddy Arnold

- Chet Atkins

- Bobby Austin

- Gene Autry

- Hoyt Axton

- Molly Bee

- Johnny Bond

- Albert Brumley

- Jethro Burns

- Carl Butler

- Pearl Butler

- Archie Campbell

- Henson Cargill

- Johnny Cash

- June Carter Cash

- Ray Charles

- Vassar Clements

- Patsy Cline

- Cowboy Copas

- Skeeter Davis

- Alton Delmore

- Rabon Delmore

- John Denver

- "Big Al" Downing

- Roy Drusky

- Dave Dudley

- Johnny Duncan

- Freddy Fender

- Tennessee Ernie Ford

- Lester Flatt

- Red Foley

- Lefty Frizzell

- Don Gibson

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- Hawkshaw Hawkins

- Homer Haynes

- Goldie Hill

- Doyle Holly

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- David Houston

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- Bob Wills

- Hank Williams I

- Boxcar Willie

- Sheb Wooley

- Tammy Wynette

- Faron Young

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How many times has Willie Nelson been married and how many children does he have?

Willie Nelson has been married four times and has seven children.

  • Willie Nelson's marriage to his first wife, Martha Matthews, lasted from 1952 to 1962. Nelson and Matthews had three kids: Lana, Susie, and Billy (Billy committed suicide in 1991).
  • Willie Nelson's marriage to his second wife, Shirley Collie, lasted from 1963 to 1971. The couple had no children together.
  • Willie Nelson's marriage to his third wife, Connie Koepke, lasted from 1971 to 1988. Nelson and Koepke had two kids: Paula Carlene and Amy Lee.
  • Willie Nelson married his fourth and current wife, Annie D'Angelo, in 1991. The couple have two kids: Lukas Autry and Jacob Micah.
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Willie Nelson

Did Johnny Duncan record a duet with Willie Nelson of the song Lilly Dale?

They had some air play on KBOX in Dallas about 1977.

Willie Nelson

How much does Willie Nelson worth?

I don’t know

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Willie Nelson

How old are Willie Nelson's children?


....... All I can tell you is, his most vocally talented son, is illigitemate,, I know this; cause, I'm him. Facebook 'Eddie Lee son of Willie Nelson'. i'm 53. Wonder what the cat who answered 45 was smokin,, ,,Great answer.

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How many wives did Nelson Mandela have?

Nelson Mandela was married three times:

Evlyn Mase (1944 - 1957)

Winnie Madikizela (1958 - 1996)

Graca Machel (1998 - Present)

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Willie Nelson

Is Willie Nelson dead?


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Willie Nelson

How many songs has Willie Nelson written?

According to PBS, over 2500. http://www.pbs.org/wnet/americanmasters/database/nelson_w.html

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Willie Nelson

What was the name of Jeremy Kye's first wife?


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Willie Nelson

How old was Willie Nelson when he died?

Willie Nelson is currently still alive.

Willie Nelson

List of songs written by Willie Nelson?

Travis Tritt
Toby Keith
Willie Nelson

How do you get in contact with Hank Williams Jr Address Or Email?

The following is a link to his official website - there may be some sort of contact info on there for you: http://www.hankjr.com/

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Who was Nelson Mandelas first wife and childrens names?

He has six children in all -- four from his first marriage, Thembi, Mkgatho, two daughters called Makaziwe, two from his second, Zeni and Zindzi, and none from his third. His first marrage in 1944 was to Evelyn Mase. Mase was a nurse who he met in the Transkei. They were married for 14 years and had 2 sons and 2 daughters. Thembi - died in a car crash in 1969, Mkgatho - died of AIDS on the 6th January 2005 in Johanesburg at the age of 57, both daughters were called Makaziwe, the first died when she was just 9 months old. Mandela married his second wife, Winnie Madikizela, in 1958. They had two daughters, Zeni and Zindzi.

Willie Nelson

How many wives did willie nelson have?

He had five wives.

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Willie Nelson

Who is Willie Nelson married to?

Willie Nelson is currently married to Annie D'Angelo.

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Willie Nelson

Who wrote the Willie Nelson song Remember Me?

Scott Wiseman

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Is Nelson Rangell married?

Yes Nelson is married

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Willie Nelson

How old are willie nelson children?

Eddie Lee, Willie's illegitimate son, is 53.

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What was Ricky Nelson known for saying with the word boy on the Ozzie and Harriet show?

" I don't mess around boy," Rick Nelson

Willie Nelson

What was willie nelson first wifes name?

Martha Matthews was Willie Nelson's first wife.

Willie Nelson

Is rick ozzie Nelson related to ozzie and harriet Nelson?

No. NOT even remotely. He's a nobody from PA.

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How do you find out how much the Thriller album is worth today?

by going to the internet


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