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What room was Winston Churchill born in?

Got me stumpped. I can tell you what building, though. He was born on November 30, 1874, at Blenheim Palace, the famous palace near Oxford built for John Churchill, 1st duke (MORE)
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Is the Churchill cigar named after Winston Churchill?

  Answer   Yes. Sir Winston Churchill enjoyed many  different types of cigars and was said to smoke approximately 10 cigars  a day (or 250,000 during his lifetime) (MORE)

What was Winston churchill skills?

Winston Churchill was a political maverick, very arrogant in his own opinions. But, as a prime minister, Churchill had two important gifts.     The first was language. (MORE)

Was Winston Churchill a democrat or Republican?

In Britain we have 3 main parties: Conservative, Liberal and Labour. The Conservatives (Tory) are considered right wing, the Liberals in the middle and Labour left wing. O (MORE)

What battles did Winston Churchill win?

He is famous for killing hundreds of thousands of civilians of the German town Dreseden in a single night. But he did do similar things regularly in other towns too - includin (MORE)

What interests did Winston Churchill have?

Churchill was a Renaissance Man, a man with many varied interests  and a wide array of talents and accomplishments. He loved writing  and was very accomplished at it. He als (MORE)

Why was Sir Winston Churchill a leader?

His father , Lord Randolph Churchill was also in Parliament, and his American Mother, Jennie Jerome Churchill, was an ambitious woman. After school, young Winston enjoyed a st (MORE)

Was odette churchill related to Winston churchill?

No. During World War 2, she worked with a British agent in France by the name of Peter Churchill - who wasn't related to Winston Churchill either, but when they were both arre (MORE)