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How old was Winston Churchill when he died?

Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) died on January 24, 1965 at the age of 90. Winston Churchill died, aged 90, on 24 January 1965 and was given a  state funeral.
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Who was prime minister after Winston Churchill?

Winston Churchill served as Prime Minister twice. 1940 - 1945 and 1951 - 1955. In between those two reigns was Clement Attlee. After Winston's last reign it was Anthony Eden. (MORE)

Did Winston Churchill have a mistress?

If he did, its never been made public. He seems to have been happily married. Winston Churchill constantly wrote to his wife Clementine whenever they were apart. In one of t (MORE)
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Is the Churchill cigar named after Winston Churchill?

  Answer   Yes. Sir Winston Churchill enjoyed many  different types of cigars and was said to smoke approximately 10 cigars  a day (or 250,000 during his lifetime) (MORE)

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What mistakes did Winston Churchill make?

In World War One Churchill devised a plan to knock Turkey out of the War by attacking the Dardenelles from the sea.    The campaign was a total failure and many soldier (MORE)

Who was Winston Churchill and why was he famous?

Winston Churchill (1874-1965) was a British officer, statesman, and  writer. As Prime Minister of Britain during World War II , he  represented the indomitable will of the p (MORE)

Why was Winston Churchill a bad leader?

While Winston Churchill did some good things for Britain specifically, he was deeply racist and therefore a very bad person to be leading an empire which spanned the world and (MORE)