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Who is the President of Zambia?

Edgar Lungu is the current president of Zambia. He was elected intooffice on January 25th, 2015 after the death of former presidentMicheal Sata. Edgar Lungu was born on Nove (MORE)
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What is the flag of Zambia?

The Zambian flag is green with an eagle in the top right corner. There's a square with 3 vertical stripes (red, black, orange - L-R) in the bottom right corner. http://flagspo (MORE)
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What are the industries of Zambia?

Zambia's largest industry is mining, which accounts for 80% of exports and 15% of the GDP. The country has vast reserves of copper, cobalt, coal, and smaller amounts of amethy (MORE)

Who discovered Zambia?

The area now covered by Zambia was discovered by Dr. David Livingstone around 1855. - It was first called Northern Rhodesia, then given independence in 1964 and re-named Zambi (MORE)

Where is Zambia?

Zambia lies in the south of Africa. Zambia shares its borders with a lot of contries. It neighbours the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the north, Tanzania to the north-ea (MORE)
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How big is Zambia?

Zambia is 752,614 square km. (290,586 square miles). Just a little bigger than Texas.
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Is Zambia poor?

Zambia is one of the worlds poorest countries ranked 165th out of  of 177
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What holidays does Zambia have?

Public holidays in Zambia include New Year's Day, Easter, Labor Day (May 1st), Youth Day (March 19th), African Freedom Day (May 25th), Heroes and Unity Day (1st Monday and Tue (MORE)
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Why is Zambia in debt?

The major reason why Zambia is in debt is because 90% of its people make less than $2 per day. In the late 1990's, Zambia was paying about a third of the value of its exports (MORE)
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What is the main religon in Zambia?

Roughly 80% of Zambians consider themselves Christian, making it the largest religion. However, many of these Christians mix indigenous beliefs and practices, such as the beli (MORE)