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Absolutely if they have a drivers license. They have access to the keys, don't they?

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Q: 'Is it required in Maryland that you put your 18 year old child on your auto insurance policy if she still lives at home?
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Are you required to keep your 18 year old child on your auto insurance policy if he still lives at home?

If he is driving a vehicle that owned by the parents it is advisable that he remain on the insurance policy.

Is policy holder health insurance automatic guarantor of step child?

In medical insurance, the policy holder of the policy is not automatically the guarantor of a step child. To become the guarantor of the child a formal adoption should have taken place, or the child can be added to the policy.

In the state of New York do you need to put your sixteen year old on the car insurance policy?

Auto Insurance Required for MinorsYes, all drivers are required to carry proof of financial responsibility. The law does not make exceptions for minors. Not only do you "need" to add your child but legally as the guardian, you are "Required" to do so.You can obtain Auto Insurance for your child or you or you can add the child for coverage under the parents or another existing auto policy but all drivers must have coverage.Failure to add a known driver, especially a minor child for which you are already financially responsible is a form of Insurance "Fraud" known as "concealment" and could void all coverages otherwise afforded by your policy. This could leave you "the Parent" owing for all the cost of an accident with no Insurance Policy to pay the bill.Honesty is always the best policy. Contact your Insurance Agent to obtain coverage for your minor child.Happy Motoring.

Will your auto insurance cover your child?

If you add the child as a driver on the policy.

How old does my child need to be to withdraw his life insurance?

Normally, your child can withdraw their life insurance when they are 18. However, this may vary from policy to policy and between different insurance companies.

If you purchase life insurance policy on your adult child naming myself as beneficiary can adult child change beneficiary?

The purchaser of an insurance policy names the beneficiary.

Can you get a life insurance policy on your child?

yes, if the child has a good enough reason.

Which age group has life insurance?

A life insurance policy can be had from 0 age (child policy) to a person of maximum 65 years (pension policy).

Do you have to add your child to your auto insurance policy if they do not live at your address?

In the state of Texas you do not have to list your child on your policy. If living in your home you can enlist a separate policy for that child. If living in another home it is never a requirement to have them on your policy although there are some policies which certain insurance companies write which require the child on your policy while living in your residence.

Can you add a child to your insurance policy to cover their car?

Yes, you can add the child and the car

Is your child covered on insurance if not listed on policy?

I highly doubt it. If the child is not on the policy, then sorry to say, they're not covered. You will need to go in and put them on the policy, if you want that is...

What is the parent's responsibility for medical bills for adult children that are on the parents insurance policy?

If the child is over age 18, then the parent is not responsible for the child's medical bills. The child is legally responsible for anything that the insurance policy did not pay.

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