02 Mercury sable reverse lights do not work and fuse is good what next?

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switch sensor located next to the transmission
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If the fuses and bulbs are okay what is wrong if the tail lights and dash light do not work on a 1995 Ford Mercury Sable?

check relays under the hood Answer It could be the switch on thedashboard. Possibly a bad headlight switch or connector. I just had a `93Sable that the headlights would turn o

You have 1992 Mercury Sable with no brake lights fuses are good bulbs to?

Answer You need to check the wiring that travels from the fuse box to the lights to make sure that it has not been cut or broken somewhere. Also check the wires that are dire

Why are Nissan Pulsar 2001 Q reverse lights not working. All other lights are working. Fuse is good as are bulbs. What else could it be?

I also own a Nissan Pulsar Q hatchback with the same problem. One reverse light is orange, the other is white. The dealership when attempting to fix this problem assumed I
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Mercury Sable fuse box?

On most Mercury Sable and Ford Contours, the fuse box is located onthe firewall just above the brake or clutch pedal. It has a coverthat is very easy to remove and the fuses a
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Where is the fuse for the radio in a Mercury Sable?

depends on the year but the fuse panel will be on either side of the dash when you open the front doors. the other location will be under the dash usually on the drivers side