02 WRX the boost seems to come and go in 4th and 5th gear Is this normal?

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if it is only in 4 and 5 gear never heard of that i have a 02 myself, the thing might be is that as you accelerate faster in the lower gears you do not notice the lag that you do in 3 and 5, there are several possibilitys, do you have an aftermarket blowoff valve, they put more wear on the turbo if it is stock, or coould be the turbo going out in itself, the bearings, or the fact it is old how manyh miles on the turbo are there, there are several factors the key thing to look for is check to make sure that there is no problem with the other gears, hell could be transmission oriented, maybe the clutch is slipping but you are thinking it is turbo lag...just saying look into all the possiblities, might not be the actual turbo
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Yes but it requires certain modifications to do so. You need to swap the throttle body and all of the sensors from the 02 WRX to the STi block so that the ECU gets all of the

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Easiest way is to get a Manual Boost controller. Something like a GFB MBC (Manual Boost controller) is a very easy way to raise the boost. (Google GFB) A Boost gauge is al

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seems common problem. all you need do is clean the boost solinoild with a sqert of brake cleaner. if you connect he two green conecter wire together under the stering collum a
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