02 WRX the boost seems to come and go in 4th and 5th gear Is this normal?

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if it is only in 4 and 5 gear never heard of that i have a 02 myself, the thing might be is that as you accelerate faster in the lower gears you do not notice the lag that you do in 3 and 5, there are several possibilitys, do you have an aftermarket blowoff valve, they put more wear on the turbo if it is stock, or coould be the turbo going out in itself, the bearings, or the fact it is old how manyh miles on the turbo are there, there are several factors the key thing to look for is check to make sure that there is no problem with the other gears, hell could be transmission oriented, maybe the clutch is slipping but you are thinking it is turbo lag...just saying look into all the possiblities, might not be the actual turbo
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What if a 1995 Mercury Mystique transmission has suddenly started shifting at higher than normal RPMs and clunking into gear but doesn't seem to be slipping?

Answer . \nChange the transmission fluid and filter. If you see no improvement, take it to a transmission shop.. Answer . \nWe had a similar problem, and it ended up being a sensor in the transmission.. Answer . \nI have a 1998 v6 which started to do the same thing. I was told by the tra ( Full Answer )

Why would a ford fiesta 1996 not go into gear but clutch depresses normally?

If it goes into gear easily when the engine is off, but won't shift once you're started, you probably have a warped clutch disk or worn pilot bushing/glan nut. Replacing a clutch and taking care of the throwout bearing, pressure plate, pilot bushing and resurfacing the flywheel is usually in the nei ( Full Answer )

It seems to take your car forever to slip from second into the other gears you have a 1990 acura integra it takes about 15 or 20 minutes to go from second to the other gears?

Have the transmission fluid and filter changed. That most likely won't help but after you've changed the fluid you can put in a can of transmission seal conditioner, such as Trans-X or whatever brand is recommended. Trans-X is a little harder to find but it seems to have a good reputation. But be aw ( Full Answer )

Is 3500 rpm normal on a 1998 ZX2 at 70 mph in 5th gear?

Check this out. This ZX2 owner fixed the problem by creating his own gears for a "Taller Overdrive." If his idea only came in a kit, ZX2 owners would get better gas mileage across the nation. Here's the link: http://mypeoplepc.com/members/tleone/gears/\n. \n Answer \n. \nThat seems a little h ( Full Answer )

1990 Honda CRX Si will not go over 3000 rpm It Drive normally up to that point and then engine light comes on It seems the fuel stop at 3000rpm even if you floor the gas pedal?

Answer . Sounds wild, I had a crx that I put a B16A1 into and if the engine was cold and you tried to high rev it it would lock out anything above 3000 rpms until you reset the ECU. With out the engine code this question would be hard to answer, you might try reseting the ECU by pulling the 10Amp ( Full Answer )

Why won't a 1996 Dodge 1500 Ram kick down into lower gears to accelerate It seems to be stuck in 3rd No warning lights have come on?

Answer . I have a 91 that did the same thing. It seemed like it was stuck in high gear. I couldn't give it much gas at slow speeds and had to gradually get up to speed. While you are driving down the road and it seems stuck in high gear, turn the truck off and start it again and see if it staigh ( Full Answer )

When you are in a normal drive and you're going to a steep do you still have to change gear?

This is a question which has many different aspects, but in general, when driving a car with an automatic transmission, it is not necessary to manually change the gear when you are going up or down an incline. There are exceptions to this however, such as if you are descending a particularly long an ( Full Answer )

Why does my Ford expediton 4.6 liter sputter while trying to climb uphill or gain speed from 5th gear after going from stop normally and running smooth in neutral with no warning lights?

There are alot of things it COULD be, but I can't give you a definite answer. COULD be bad fuel. COULD be dirty fuel filter. COULD be dirty injectors. COULD be a hole in the fuel line allowing it to suck air. A trip to the Ford garage so they can put an analyzer on it and take it for a drive might ( Full Answer )

Can you put a 03-06 WRXSTi motor in an 02 WRX?

Yes but it requires certain modifications to do so. You need to swap the throttle body and all of the sensors from the 02 WRX to the STi block so that the ECU gets all of the proper signals. Ideally, you would want to consider using the WRX heads on the STi block since the WRX heads flow better than ( Full Answer )

How do you turn up the boost on a 99 wrx?

Easiest way is to get a Manual Boost controller. Something like a GFB MBC (Manual Boost controller) is a very easy way to raise the boost. (Google GFB) A Boost gauge is also mandatory if you raise the boost...otherwise you might turn it up to much and destroy the engine!

Boost pressure on a 2004 subaru impreza 2.0l wrx?

seems common problem. all you need do is clean the boost solinoild with a sqert of brake cleaner. if you connect he two green conecter wire together under the stering collum above the pedals turn the ignition on. ( do not start) you will here the solinolid tikking and tapping take the middle pipe of ( Full Answer )

2002 ford sport trac - it will not go into gear from park it seems like it is locked up?

On a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac : Page 106 of the owners manual explains what to do if you cannot shift out of PARK with the ignition in the RUN position and the BRAKE PEDAL depressed You can view the Owner Guide online at : www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces ) Click on Owner Guides ( Full Answer )

Why did my period come 6 days early day 19 of a 24 day cycle it seemed normal but can i still be pregnant?

If it was lighter than normal and only lasted a day or two than yes you could still be pregnant. Many woman don't realize they are pregnant because what they think was their period was actually implantation bleeding. If you think you are pregnant and the bleeding is accompanied by sharp pains in you ( Full Answer )

How come engine stalls in low gear when going uphill?

Your engine produces torque(turning power) and revs, and these are related. You can't get more than a certain amount of torque out of the engine at a given number of revs. If you hit a slope in the wrong gear/at the wrong speed, then forcing the car forward will require more torque than the engine c ( Full Answer )

How fast do subaru wrx sti go?

All Wheel Drive helps the 2010 WRX hit 60 mph from a standstill in 4.5 seconds. The 1/4 mile comes in at 13.3 seconds at 101.3 mph. Top Speed supposedly is governed around 155 mph.

Why When you put your jeep wrangler 5 speed into fifth gear it doesnt seem to go faster?

5th gear in any five-speed transmission is not to "go faster" but to reduce the engine RPMs while maintaining a more-or-less constant highway speed. In this way, gas mileage can be increased and engine wear reduced. In 5th, the engine does not have the torque necessary to accelerate unless going ( Full Answer )

Is gears of war 3 going to come out?

Yes, but the game is going to turn out as an rpg type game (still 3rd person). We may know their would be a girl in the game to but also NOBODY knows what it really going to be about.

Can a normal bicycle be modified with gears?

Usually you can, but equally usually it's not worth it in terms of money. Bike parts are much more expensive one by one than they are as part of a whole bike. The rational thing is to pick up a used bike that'll have what you want from the start. If you still decide to go for it you'll need a new r ( Full Answer )

Can we fit gears in a normal cycle?

Yes you can. But it might take some doing. You'd need to match the hub width of the geared wheel to thedropout width of the frame. Best chance is probably through aninternally geared hub. And you'd need cable stops to go on theframe. Wraparound ones are available. If you want a wheel with external g ( Full Answer )

What is common normal in gears?

Helmet: HJC, Arai, Shoei, Nolan (fit is the most important thing) . Gloves: Held . Pants: Aerostich, Joe Rocket, Draggin Jeans, Tourmaster, FirstGear . Jackets: Aerostich, Joe Rocket, Tourmaster, FirstGear . Boots: . Suit: