03 jeepTJ squeal in the front end speed doesnt effect the sound nor does being in two four wheel drive sounds like metal on metal at first very periodic for a few seconds to a minute now constant?

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Could be a belt or axle bearing
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Sound speed in metal?

The velocity of sound in metal is 330m/s. This is due to the closely packed atoms in a metal i.e.,solid. -Rochish. email at rochi4all89@yahoo.com The number you mentioned is
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If you have an old snapper riding mower and recently when you put it into reverse there was a squealing metal on metal sound that happened for awhile and now it is doing it in the forward speeds i?

The rubber around the outer edge of the driven disc is gone. You will need to get a replacement either OEM or aftermarket, stand the machine on the rear stand bars(remove batt