03 jeepTJ squeal in the front end speed doesnt effect the sound nor does being in two four wheel drive sounds like metal on metal at first very periodic for a few seconds to a minute now constant?

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Could be a belt or axle bearing
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What would cause a rattling sound in the front end of a 2000 Chevy Tahoe 1500 LT 2 wheel drive while it is moving?

there is a bulliten for the heat shield, or it could be the front converter Answer Check the plastic lug nut covers, I have fixed this problem on several trucks and Tahoes. It sounds like a loose shock, are shock bushing worn out Answer I would pay attention to when you hear the rattling. If ( Full Answer )

What would cause a strange noise on the front left hand side of a 2001 Fiat Punto that sounds like metal is rubbing on something?

Answer . \nIf it only happens when cornering the I would say that its a driveshaft - otherwise, more information is required. Answer . \nI had the exact same problem. It turned out that on the inside of the left front wheel, the brake shoe pin on the bottom was locked. This made the brake sho ( Full Answer )

If your 1991 Mercury Cougar makes a very loud sound such as a door hinge in bad need of lubrication when you turn your wheels and is not front wheel drive what needs lubricated?

Joints probably one of the ball joints in the front end. It might be past the point of simple lubrication now though, you may have to replace it. Have someone turn the wheel while you are under the car so you can track down where the sound is loudest and you will find the culprit. It could also be ( Full Answer )

When you engage the 4 wheel drive in your 2002 trailblazer it doesnt work properly you can feel it as it switches sounds and feels like a thump and when driving you can hear it also feels very slugg?

Answer . I have had similar experiences with mine also. I have found that it helps alot to keep pressure off of transmission while it is switching over to 4WD. I may put it in Neutral, then drive to help it, or even let the vehicle roll a little bit until it is done changing to the 4WD. The s ( Full Answer )

How do you remove the brake rotor from a 1997 dodge neon The brakes sound like metal to metal but pads aren't bad. Turning wheel sounds like something in the front drivetrain. All help appreciated?

you go to a car shop and have them help you! in order to remove rotors from 97 dodge neon you have to remove the caliper mounting bracket (2 bolts on rear of steering knuckle). grinding noise might be a bad hub assembly check for play in both vertical and horizontal directions with the tire on.

Wobble and thumping sound in your 96 Integra GSR passenger front wheel It binds and makes a metallic clunkink or rattling noise when you spin it?

Answer . The first off-the-top-of-the-head diagnosis is that your wheel bearings have failed and are crumbling away.. or - it could be just small gravel & debris in your hub cap, but since you used the word 'wobble', I would check out the wheel bearing.... SOON.. And if it turns out that's it, ( Full Answer )

Why does your 2000 Chevy Impala hesitate when you first start driving it only happens for a few seconds a couple seconds after it has just been started. It sounds like it's going to die but doesn't.?

I am a mechanic and i am guessing that your carborater is plugged. *************************************************** You're joking, right? I'm not a mechanic, and I'm a girl, and even I know that a fuel injected car is lacking a carburetor. Your answer is insulting and rude. Quit trolling ( Full Answer )

Your car sounds like a hamster running on his wheel while driving but doesnt make sound at idle or when slowing down to stop what's that noise?

Answer . First, remove the tires from the rims to see if a hamster got stuck in there when they were being put on. Then, check for any brake problems. Finally, if none of the above helped, check for damaged wheel bearings or driveshaft center bearings or differential bearings (or transfer c ( Full Answer )

How does sound travel through metal?

Same way it travels through air; each molecule vibrates the one next to it which then vibrates the one next to (the new it) and so-on.

Does metal absorb sound or light?

To some degree or another, yes. But it will also reflect some, and all this depends on the metal and the condition of its surface. Polished aluminum will reflect something like 98% of optical radiation. But if its scuffed up, not as much. Sound is reflected well of metal, but some will penetrate (be ( Full Answer )

Why does dodge durango front end sound like it is rubbing or vibrating when turning at very slow speeds?

the reson why u hear that noise is because of your rear differential . limited slip unit. u should go to a mechanic and have the rear diferential service and inspected. if there is no metal chunks then have them reseal and replaced the fluid with a limited slip additive(very important). If there is ( Full Answer )

Sound speed in metal?

The velocity of sound in metal is 330m/s. This is due to the closely packed atoms in a metal i.e.,solid. -Rochish. email at rochi4all89@yahoo.com The number you mentioned is an approximate velocity of sound in AIR. In metals the sound travels much faster than that. The speed of sound in gases, liqu ( Full Answer )

Why is metal a good conductor of sound?

metal is a good conductor of sound because it is solid & hence it has atoms very near & thus causes more vibration required for conducting sound.

Squealing or metal grinding sound coming from front right side of 2002 Nissan Maxima Does not always occur when braking Is this your brakes going?

Generally, squealing while NOT applying the brakes is the "chirper" or the metal tang rubbing the rotor. Typically, applying light pressure to the brake petal will make the squeal or chirping sound stop. This means your brake pad lining is thin and about to wear out. If you hear/feel a "scrubbing" ( Full Answer )

If you have an old snapper riding mower and recently when you put it into reverse there was a squealing metal on metal sound that happened for awhile and now it is doing it in the forward speeds i?

The rubber around the outer edge of the driven disc is gone. You will need to get a replacement either OEM or aftermarket, stand the machine on the rear stand bars(remove battery if it is not sealed) and replace the disc. It is 1-0765 without lining and 5-7337 with lining.

What causes the water pipes to produce a high pitched squealing sound a few seconds after the toilet has been flushed and the tank has refilled?

The high-pitched sounds you hear are the upper harmonics of water hammer, and flushing the toilet without adding enough toilet paper to absorb the squealing sound. Without toilet paper in the pipes, they will vibrate and possibly crack the solder in the pipe joints. If you really want to do yourself ( Full Answer )

Is the speed of sound a constant explain?

Generally we take with sufficient accuracy the formula (equation) for the speed of sound in air c = 331.3 + 0.606 × ϑin m/s in m/s. Temperature ϑ(theta) in degrees Celsius. You see the speed of sound changes with the temperature and therefore cannot be a constant.