04 Chevrolet classic and you recent put a remote starter on your car and ever since you put it on there a year ago your battery will died and you would have to get it charge up you need help to find o?

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you must have power wired up wrong do you still have the wiring diagram
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Why would a car start stalling after you put in a new battery?

%DETAILS%. Answer . Don't assume the battery had anything to do with the stalling. If a stalling proiblem was associated with the battery, it would have done it right away. And if it did, it would usually need to relearn the idle.. Answer . \nThe computer needs reset.. Answer . It coul ( Full Answer )

What is wrong with a 1989 Chevrolet that cranks fine but dies when put in gear and the speedometer moves up past 100 when put in forward gear?

had an 88 that somebody put in a tail light bulb wrong, and was back feeding & would stall the engine every time Yes, when I saw this issue, I immediately thought bad grounding. Check that the ground strap between the engine and the frame of the car is secure and has good contact. Had a Fiat one t ( Full Answer )

Why would a car drop down when put in reverse and hop up when put in drive?

you may be idling a little to high but this sounds pretty normal because of the way the transmission is pulling the car Answer Well, have you looked at your transmission mounts? I know my car does that and im pretty sure about my mounts being toast. the motor produces torque and i think if these ( Full Answer )

Can you put water in a car battery?

You should put distilled water in the battery. Do not open a battery that is not made to be opened.. Yes, if your battery is an older type that's not sealed, it's important to make sure the water level is adequate. It's easy to tell which type you have: unsealed batteries have small vent caps on to ( Full Answer )

My car died on me and I put in a new alternator because my battery was fine and that ended up killing the battery and so I put a new battery in and the battery meter still says its low. can you help?

Without knowing what kind of vehicle you're driving, this is not simple. If you put a "new" alternator in, you probably got a bad one. If you put a used alternator in you MOST LIKELY got a bad one. This is why it's usually best to leave this to a proffessional,then it's his headache! Have someone te ( Full Answer )

How do you find someone who was put up for adoption 19 years ago?

Email this guy. this is what he posted on the internet: I know that are many people have discovered they have a sibling that was put up for adoption. I understand the range of emotions that this news brings forth. I have so many questions myself. I have been searching for over two years now for a s ( Full Answer )

What water can you put in a car battery?

Your best bet is to use distilled water, since it's the purest. You can buy it by the gallon at Wallmart, K-mart and other stores for about .70 per gallon. It's not all that expensive.\n. \nChlorinated water can kill a battery in no time as well as tap water that has contaminants or water conditi ( Full Answer )

How many miles a year can you put on a classic car with classic car inurance?

It depends on the company and the plan you get. The standard is 2500 miles per year. But with a "pleasure driving plan" you can get unlimited miles. Call and ask different companies to see what they offer. However, I haven't found any company that will let you keep the car overnight at any location ( Full Answer )

I did not drive my car for 4 months. Battery died to the point that keyless entry would not work. After charging the battery dome lights are back on but the car will not start. VW Passat 2001. help?

A lot of newer VW's have to be reprogrammed by the dealer just to restart after the battery has been completely drained. Sure hope it's not that, costs a lot from the dealer, sometimes they even have to come to the vechile itself to reprogram it since it won't come out of park sometimes. Good Luck!! ( Full Answer )

You were given a 1993 Nissan altima had the car 3 years never knew it had alarm you had to put a new battery in the car then the alarm start to sound and the car will not start the owner no remote.?

Try to look under the dash for the brain and find a push-button switch. On most directed electronic alarm's its a black button. If found...open the drivers door, put the key in the ignition and turn to the "On/Run" position and push that button once and then wait about 5 seconds and the alarm should ( Full Answer )

Car won't start put new battery starter and alternator?

Internal combustion engines need 3 things to start and run: air, fuel, and spark. First look over all of your fuses, to make sure none of them such as the fuel pump fuse, or the fusable link have burned out. Make sure your battery is not faulty, even a brand new battery could potentially be no good. ( Full Answer )

Why Remote starter starts car but drains battery?

I think (I don't know for sure) that it may have something to do with the way remote car starters are designed -in particular, the units' signal receiving device (what ever the discreetly attached antenna, usually on the upper corner of the windshield inside your car cabin, thingy is called). I not ( Full Answer )

Can you put a van battery in a car?

Battery Interchange Yes, a van battery can be used in an automobile, IF if will physically fit in the auto's battery holder tray, is the same voltage, and can be properly secured to prevent falling out of the battery tray. The major problem is safety. Under no circumstance can the battery be loca ( Full Answer )

Why do you put water in a car battery?

Because the electrolyte in a battery is a mixture of 65% distilled water and 35% sulfuric acid. Anytime you top off a battery you must use distilled water.

Can you charge a dead battery by getting a second car that is running take the good battery out of the running car and put the dead battery into the running car as a means of charging it?

\nNo, this will place a very heavy load on the alternator of the car and may result in burning out the diodes of the car charging the battery. You could easily ruin the alternator. Purchase a battery charger and charge the dead battery with that. Alternators are not made to charge dead batteries.

Can you charge a phone battery by putting it in the freezer?

Actually you can- it makes the batteries last longer than the set time period it is helpful to do this Well kinda, sorta, but not really. I will explain, as the rechargeable battery is used it generates heat, this heat will break down and limit the power available for the device. When you cool t ( Full Answer )

Why do they put car batteries in the trunk?

A couple reasons. With the complexity of today's car engines the engine compartment can get pretty crouded.......1. Save space in the engine compartment. 2. It is cooler in the trunk of the car. Cooler temps can help prolong the battery life. 3. If the car is a rear wheel drive vehicle, the extra we ( Full Answer )

Can you put anything in a 12 volt battery to help it hold charge?

No. Your best bet is to keep the battery clean. Wipe it down often. Dirt will conduct electricity from the battery terminals and slowly discharge it. If the battery is on your garage floor, make a simple wooden tray to put it on. Batteries find concrete a nice path to discharging. In a car, ensure t ( Full Answer )

Your F150 will not hold a charge changed battery and alternator recently had a plow put on would this affect it somehow?

I am having this problem as we speak, the alternator is good, I took it to auto zone where they test them free of charge, the battery is good as I can drive for an hour or so just running on the battery, oh yeah, while the truck is running if you disconnect the hot wire from the battery the truck sh ( Full Answer )

I ran out of gas in the drive way and then the power died now the car wont start back up after i put gas in and charged the battery why?

One possibility is a vapor lock in the fuel system. If the tank, fuel pump, and injectors went completely dry, it is very difficult to get fuel flowing again. The air in the fuel injectors blocks the flow. Your engine manual may specify a procedure to help clear a vapor lock, or you may have to take ( Full Answer )

When charging flat battery from other car why do you need to put your low lights on?

Auto Electrical Conundrum In over 60 years of maintaining my own and others cars and pickups, I've never heard of the practice of turning headlights on while "jump" charging an auto battery. I am a longtime electrical/electronics hobbyist, and SUSPECT that turning headlights on while charging fro ( Full Answer )

Why does a car battery need to be charged?

If you allow it to discharge, then it becomes useless, so you have to recharge it. Some batteries (e.g. for torches) don't have to be charged because their internal chemistry is such that they come already 'full'. But once they discharge then you have to throw them away.

How do you know when your battery to your remote for your car starter is dead?

The first thing that you want to do is check your battery. This is the most common problem with vehicle no-starts, so by checking your battery, you will either solve the problem immediately or rule out one potential issue. If you turn on your head lights and they are bright, your radio is loud, and ( Full Answer )

Can you put a stronger battery on your car?

Yes you can. This is common in vehicles that run alot of electrics while the engine is not running. However ensure the replacement battery can be properly secured and fits within the confines of the space the vehicle provides.

What part would your car need if it is putting when it idols?

I would guess it is in need of a tune up, spark plugs, ignition wires, fuel filter, air filter, pcv valve, distributor cap and rotor. Not knowing what vehicle and engine you have, some of these parts may not exist on yours.

What if you put a battery up your butt?

You should never put dangerous things into any orifice of the body.if that battery leaks or you break it when trying to get it out,you can get seriously injured and even die. Why

Can you put a car battery in a van?

Yes, a van battery can be used in an automobile, IF if will physically fit in the auto's battery holder tray, is the same voltage, and can be properly secured to prevent falling out of the battery tray. .