04 Concorde front left wheel squeaks when turning braking and accelerating from stop?

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I just had this problem and it was because I changed the brakes and the new rotors where touching the lower ball joint heat shield. I just had to take a screw driver and bend the metal heat shield just a little and the squeal went away
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Why would a 1990 Honda Prelude squeak on the front left wheel?

Answer . I had a squeek in my left front wheel, everytime i went over a speed bump etc. Turned out it was a torn cv boot.If this is the case you need to replace it immediately or you will soon need a whole new axel.\n. \n. \nIt can be the rotors or break pads.

What causes a clicking sound when front left wheel turns?

Answer . \nCould be a hub cap, in which case removing and driving will answer that. Better chance of a half shaft on it's way out. A half shaft runs between the transaxle and the wheel. On each end there is a constant velocity joint. The joints are each covered with a black bellow shaped boot ( Full Answer )

What is the cause of a 99 Cavalier that makes a loud grinding-squeaking like noise when the wheel is turned to the right yet stops the moment the steering wheel is centered or to the left?

Answer . \nWithout seeing it , I will tell you that most of the time wheel noise that happens when you turn the wheel is due to a CV axle that is failing. Test is this way: go into a large vacant parking lot and turn the wheels to the right and go in reverse; is the noise worse? It may be if the ( Full Answer )

What is the ringing or squealing noise on a 99 Chevy suburban front left tire 4 wheel drive stops when you apply the brakes or drive faster?

Answer . Pull the tire and look at the disk brakes. GM uses a little piece of spring steel that makes contact with the rotor when the disk brake pads are worn out. It sounds like the wear indicator is giving you warning that the brakes need to be replaced. When you look at it, if the spring is co ( Full Answer )

What might cause a low mileage 2005 Mazda 6 to squeak near the left front wheel while backing up and the steering wheel is turned to the left?

I have a 2003 Mazda 6 with approx 80k miles. This noise confounded me for months. On ours, it showed up when pulling into or out of our driveway (forward or reverse, always with the wheels turned hard left). It is NOT the CV joint in the axle. It is NOT anything rubbing in the fender well. It is N ( Full Answer )

What is wrong with your 98 Ford Escort Zx2 if the brakes squeak after you release after stopping and when slowing to a stop something near the wheels is grinding Replaced all wheel bearings?

Answer . \ni would say you need to replace brake pads and clean drums and rotors with a good brake cleaner, also if pads are of a metal compound, you will never stop then squeeking\nif they squeek when released i would check that brake calipres and cylanders are not sticking, which does not allo ( Full Answer )

Why does the driver's side front wheel squeak when you're driving and immediately stop when you brake?

Because your brakes, when applied, "straiten" the rotor (disk) from a cockeyed angle. To put it simply, your wheel bearings are worn and while driving, the rotor, wheel and tire are at a slight angle. The "wear indicators" (a small piece of metal attached to the pads on the top) built into the brake ( Full Answer )

Why does the right front wheel squeak at a certain point each rotation particularly when turning right on a '93 metro Turning it doesn't make this noise when turning left?

you should stop driving this vehichle until it is fixed or resolved. You most likely are experiancing the arm support rusting out on the passanger side of car. Very common for these vehichles. It is getting ready to break. This is why it sqeaks. it is moveing. If this breaks while you are driving 30 ( Full Answer )

What causes a squeak on front wheel?

Mainly its because of warn down break pads, they have built in 'squeakers' to warn the driver they need replacing. usually quite loud especially when turning corners. new pads can also squeak they just need time to wear in, check if your pad has copper grease on the back aswell, this helps. or if ( Full Answer )

When I drive my 1994 Toyota Camry I hear a squeaking noise in the left wheel and when I push the brake what could be the problem?

If there is a squeaky noise coming from any of your wheels and from pressing on the brakes, then I am supposing that there is something wrong with your brakes. From my past experiences with squeaky noises coming from my wheels, I got it checked out by a mechanic and he said that my brakes were worn ( Full Answer )

Squeaking noise driving stop when brake?

get your breaks checked.. they do that to tell you to replace them.. if you just got them they are prob. good but put in a little bit wrong so that the sensor lies and says to replace them.. But for safety check them soon as possible..

How do you stop the mice wheel from squeaking?

Use a vegetable oil to grease the wheel. Something like olive oil, canola oil, etc will work fine, as it greases the wheel, but will not hurt the rat when it licks it.

What could cause squeaking or creaking from the front right of a car while accelerating when the steering wheel is in a specific position?

More info: Sound appears when the steering wheel is held in specific positions and the car is accelerated (sweet spots - so much as 5 degrees clockwise, 30 degrees, etc.) but still persists (for a few seconds) if the wheel is held in the sweet spot and there is no acceleration. Can 'feel' the ( Full Answer )

Intermittent squeak from front drivers wheel?

\nCould be many things, such as as wheel bearing or tire, but most often it is the little warning clip rubbing on the rotor indicating that your brake pads are worn.

Why is your car squeaking when you turn the steering wheel?

The power steering fluid might be low. Add some power steering fluid to see if that helps. The power steering fluid chamber is under the hood. It might also be the belt that drives the power steering pump. There are products to lubricate belts and quiet them down. These are available, as is the powe ( Full Answer )

What would cause a squeaking noise from the left front wheel area?

Many brake pads have a "warning indicator" which will squeak when the brake pads start to get near the end of their life. This "warning indicator" is usually nothing more than a small metal tab that protrudes out from the side of the pads backing plate pointing towards the brake rotor. As the pad we ( Full Answer )

Squeal from left front wheel not brake related?

high pitched squeal from left front wheel does not stop when I apply the brakes. It will stop when I turn the steering wheel even a little bit but returns when I straighten out again

Why squeaking sound by left front tire when making left?

Could be several different reasons. The tire is under-inflated. The power steering fluid is low The tire is rubbing against the frame The ball joints need grease Any one of these could make it squeak

Why does my Jeep Wrangler front left wheel squeak when in motion only when the wheel is turned to either right or left even just a little and it is not the brakes?

could be a bearing? were the brakes inspected very closely? it sounds like a feeler tab on a brake pad is just touching the rotor barely. This can happen even though the brakes are say 30% visually estimated remaining. Spin the LF wheel as hard as you can with it up on a jack and see if you can hear ( Full Answer )

Right front tire squeaks when turning left?

The squeaking is caused by friction between two objects that only contact each other during the turning motion of the car - in this case, in the leftward direction. This is an easy fix - stop doing it.

Why is there a squeaking noise when you turn the steering wheel?

Well if it is something that gets louder or more noticeable the more you turn the wheel, there's a good chance it's you power steering pump. Check the level of your power steering fluid and fill it to the proper level with the appropriate fluid. (some manufacturers say to use power steering fluid, s ( Full Answer )

Can you be stopped if your brakes squeak loudly when you come to a stop?

If they believe that your brakes are unsafe, they can stop you and force you to get an inspection. I don't think that they legally have a leg to stand on ticketing you for your brakes being loud. On another note, if your brakes are squealing, odds are that you need new pads and if you wait too long, ( Full Answer )

Why do my front brakes squeak while driving and stop when i apply the brake?

I been having this troublle for about 3 months it annoys me everytime I drive the van , the first thing in my mind is the brake pad, second the wheel hub. So bought this two parts before pulling down just in case. I take off the two bolts holding the caliper to get get access to the brake pad and tr ( Full Answer )

Why front right wheel squeaks when breaking?

That usually means that your brake pads are so worn that a metal part of the pad assembly is coming in contact with the rotor. Some brake pads have a "feeler" built in that causes you to hear a squeak when your pads are getting low without actually damaging the rotor. If your pads are digging into y ( Full Answer )