04 Concorde front left wheel squeaks when turning braking and accelerating from stop?

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I just had this problem and it was because I changed the brakes and the new rotors where touching the lower ball joint heat shield. I just had to take a screw driver and bend the metal heat shield just a little and the squeal went away
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What is the cause of a 99 Cavalier that makes a loud grinding-squeaking like noise when the wheel is turned to the right yet stops the moment the steering wheel is centered or to the left?

Answer . \nWithout seeing it , I will tell you that most of the time wheel noise that happens when you turn the wheel is due to a CV axle that is failing. Test is this way:

What might cause a low mileage 2005 Mazda 6 to squeak near the left front wheel while backing up and the steering wheel is turned to the left?

I have a 2003 Mazda 6 with approx 80k miles. This noise confounded me for months. On ours, it showed up when pulling into or out of our driveway (forward or reverse, always wi

Why does the driver's side front wheel squeak when you're driving and immediately stop when you brake?

Because your brakes, when applied, "straiten" the rotor (disk) from a cockeyed angle. To put it simply, your wheel bearings are worn and while driving, the rotor, wheel and ti

Why does the right front wheel squeak at a certain point each rotation particularly when turning right on a '93 metro Turning it doesn't make this noise when turning left?

you should stop driving this vehichle until it is fixed or resolved. You most likely are experiancing the arm support rusting out on the passanger side of car. Very common for

Front wheels squeak in 2000 Dodge Intrepid rt when accelerating and turning?

This could be a number of things. If the sqeeking happens when braking, then you probably need brakes. If it happens while driving, accelerating and turning then it could be t
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Why does my Jeep Wrangler front left wheel squeak when in motion only when the wheel is turned to either right or left even just a little and it is not the brakes?

could be a bearing? were the brakes inspected very closely? it sounds like a feeler tab on a brake pad is just touching the rotor barely. This can happen even though the brake
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Right front tire squeaks when turning left?

The squeaking is caused by friction between two objects that only contact each other during the turning motion of the car - in this case, in the leftward direction. This is an
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Why do my front brakes squeak while driving and stop when i apply the brake?

I been having this troublle for about 3 months it annoys me everytime I drive the van , the first thing in my mind is the brake pad, second the wheel hub. So bought this two p