04 sienna has a winding sound in first gear?

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How do you remove the in dash CD player on a 04 Sienna?

Answer . I found the info on removeing the factory radio and other info on accessing the dashboard panel interior here at a sienna forum http://www.siennaclub.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=941

How do you stop the Brake Indicator Sound on a 1997 Buick Riviera from continuously dinging as I give it gas til it shifts out of first or second gear?

Had same issue with my 97 riv. turns out the E brake was on the whole time regardless of the pedal position. Check the brake cable just behind the driver door edge for damage. Mine had about 1 inch of sleeve missing which caused the brake to stick on. To temporarily fix it just pull the sleeve back ( Full Answer )

Can wind affect sound waves?

Yes . Yes, wind can blow and distort sound waves. This is apparent sometimes when listening to open-air concerts close to the sound stage and far from it. Wind currents and atmospheric phenomena can alter or distort the sound waves, which travel through air (some medium is required) by compres ( Full Answer )

What travels the swiftest light wind or sound?

Answer . \nWind does, as neither liht nor sound is a what but a whim. Wind is the only process that is a transport of mass and matter. The others do not travel, but fare.

How does sound travel in a wind instrument?

The wind instrument creates different frequencies which travel through air as waves. It actually travels the same way your voice leaves your mouth.

How do you fix the squeaking sound whenever ypu stop on the brake for 2001 Toyota sienna?

You will need to replace the brake pads to stop this squeaking sound. The sound is being generated by a set of "wear indicators'. It is a small tab of steel that is attached to one of the pads on either side of the car. (One per side) When the pads are worn down to their usable limit, the wear indic ( Full Answer )

How does wind make sound?

Wind instruments convert a moving column of air into sound, whether the air comes from the player's lungs or an external device. This category of instruments extends far beyond the familiar brasses and woodwinds of the orchestra to include harmonicas, accordions and bagpipes, all of which use unconv ( Full Answer )

How is the 04 Acura TL sound system?

The 8-speaker system is the biggest piece of crap to come in a entry level luxury sedan. I mean garbage. Too soft, no highs, no lows.

What sound do wind chimes make?

Cling cling cling..... lol Striking a chime, or allowing chimes to strike each other, causes them to vibrate at a frequency that relates to the density of the material, of which they are made, and the length and diameter.

How do you spell the sound of breaking wind?

The sound of releasing flatus (the sound of a f*rt) is sometimes represented by "pfft" or "pftt", often with multiple T's to indicate a sound of extended length. This form does not necessarily represent only passing gas or breaking wind , and must be explained in context.

How does a wind instrument make its sound?

On a clarinet the vibration of the reed makes the sound and the sound comes out of the holes. When you close a hole the air has to find other holes which make different pitches.

Why does your 04 ford f150 pop out of gear?

the question is more than requires two answers: (1) if this vehicle is a standard you probably got a bearing going in the trans. (2) if this vehicle is a automatic you probably got a tranny mount broken or very worn. also check for play in linkage at both ends of cable.

How can wind affect sound waves?

Yes it can because, depending on the wind speed, it creates air pressure diferences. if it is faster it travels slower and if its slower the sound waves travel faster. All of this is regardless of the wind direction.

Does wind have a long I sound?

It can, as a verb. The verb "wind" means to turn or wrap and is pronounced like wined or whined . (long I) The noun "wind" meaning blowing air rhymes with pinned or tinned (short I)

How do wind instruments make sound?

Different instruments produce sound differently. In a nutshell: In reed instruments like clarinets and saxophones, the player's air goes across the reed, creating vibration. For double reed instruments (oboe, bassoon, english horn), the two reeds vibrate against each other. Not all reeds require ( Full Answer )

Do wind turbines make a sound?

Wind turbines are designed to be quiet but all make a sound when the blades are being driven. There is an amount of noise caused by the generating equipment and there is the noise of air turbulence as it passes the blades.

How is speed of sound affected by wind?

Speed: Wind (which is created by the earth's rotation) is the air being pushed by the earth's movement. Air, just like any solid, liquid, or gas, will have a velocity when in motion. that velocity will go against any velocity moving in the opposite direction. for example, if you're running in track, ( Full Answer )

What is sound made by the wind called?

What we call sound are in fact just pressurewaves propagating through the air. Our ears and brain detect and convert these pressure waves to electric signals which we interprete as being sound. The frequency of these waves determines the altitude of the tone, while the amplitude defines the volume o ( Full Answer )

When I Changed transmission fluid and filter in a 1990 f150 4x4 now it wont go out of first gear unless you stomp the gas and also makes a winding sound could it be the front pump?

a number of things could have gone wrong. Some old schoolers believe that changing oil on a old tranny is asking for trouble as solvents in the fresh oil free up some of the old gunk and clog the various valves. Simple things to check..over or under filled, kickdown cable improperly set, wrong filte ( Full Answer )

Why does the car sound very loud when you first start it up and when in reverse when put in gear it quiets down it doesn't even have to be warm yet it's a 1995 Nissan alt?

The flexible exhaust pipe just below the engine is broke.When the transmission is shifted from reverse or to drive there will be a noticeable change.The 12 inch flex pipe needs to be cut out and a new piece welded in. The cost would be about 75.00 to125.00 depending on labor rates where you live. Th ( Full Answer )

What vowel sound does gear have?

The vowel pair EA in gear is sounded much like a long E (ee). However, because of the R (an uhr sound in US English), it is usually labeled as a "caret I." In British English, the pronunciation is (gee-ah).

How do wind chimes make sound?

Wind chimes make sound, when they are placed where there is wind or some other force that moves the tubes, by colliding with each other. Each tube is tuned to make a specific sound through its length and density, and when the tubes hit each other they make a sound and resonate to create a variety of ( Full Answer )

Is wind created by sound?

Hmm, this question makes me think of the saying about the chicken and the egg and which came first. I mean really are they quite similar , its all about perception. Wind would typically be a continuous flow of net wind where sound is longitudinal wave consisting of molecules bumping into their ne ( Full Answer )

Can sound waves travel through wind?

Interesting question... Answer: Yes. A Sound wave is just the propagation of a pressure wave. Just as a ripple can travel on the surface of a river, so can sound travel through wind. It will be subject to the Doppler effect (the change in pitch due to relative motion of observer and source) and a ( Full Answer )

How do you describe sound of wind?

You can say "The wind was whistling a nice tune" or "The wind was crying out for my name." Something like that? Hope I helped :)

What is the winding sound in 2007 Lincoln Navigator?

quite possibly the A/C compressor clutch. The whining should decrease when the A/C is turned off. You will still hear some of the noise due to the clutch turning while the engine is on.

What is the wiper blade size for 04 Toyota Sienna?

2004 Toyota Sienna takes a 26" drivers side, 19" passenger side and a fairly specialized 14" rear wiper that is difficult to find in the stores. See sources and related links below for more information. Since there are currently over 22 different wiper arm attachments, do not buy wipers just by leng ( Full Answer )

What is first gear second gear etc?

1st gear is for the slowest speeds , up to 15 mph or very steep hills 2nd gear is for speeds up to about 30 mph or hills, third gear is from 30-50mph, 4th and higher is for speeds over 55mph.

How is sound produced in a wind instrument?

It varies between brass and woodwind instruments. With brass, sound is produced through "buzzing" into the mouthpiece. With woodwinds, the embouchure is different for practically every instrument. With flutes, you blow into the tone hole much like you do into a glass bottle, which also has the same ( Full Answer )

What is the gear ratio on a 04 ram hemi?

It could be a 3.55, 3.73, 4.10. There are four ways to find a ratio. 1 A dealer can normally tell from the vin number. 2 There are normally tags or labels on the axle that have part number, gear ratio, and fluid requirement info. 3 You can count how many times you have to turn the driveshaf ( Full Answer )

What instrument makes wind sound?

Not a very clearly-worded question, but since the category is Musical Instruments then I take it you are asking which are wind instruments. They are or include: Woodwind (flute, clarinet, oboe, recorder, bassoon, Pan-pipes, bagpipes) Brass (cornet, trumpet, Cor Anglais, French horn, tuba, Sousapho ( Full Answer )

Can sound be carried by wind?

Sound waves travel faster in warmer air. If the temperature of the air near the ground is colder than air higher up, then sound waves traveling slightly upward will bend downward. This tends to "focus" the sound waves back toward the ground and can help amplify the sounds when you are far away.

Is wind a short I sound?

It can be, for the NOUN form of the word meaning "blowing air." This word has the same sound as win and rhymes with sinned . The verb form wind (to turn or tighten) has the long I sound ( wined ).