06 dodge magnum where is located the batery?

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Lift up the floor in the trunk and the battery is on the right side.
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Exhaust gas recirculation valve location for 2005 dodge magnum sxt 3.5l v6?

The EGR valve for your car is on the back of the motor. Look thru the hole in the intake plenum where the transmission tube comes up. Use a flashlight and you will see it. It has a small wiring plug on the top pointing towards the passenger side and the EGR tube faces the driver's side. Not the easi (MORE)

How do you remove factory stereo in 06 dodge magnum?

First you need to carefully remove the plastic bezel around the radio and a/c controls (Start at the bottom near the ash tray and pop the clips till you get them all loose.) Now reach behind and pull the electrical connectors that run to the ESP and to the back of your A/C controls. Now that the Bez (MORE)

Set clock dodge magnum?

Push & hold "time" button until clock blinks. Then use radio controls to adjust time. Push time button to move to minutes and push again when finished.

Where is the egr valve located on a 2005 dodge magnum 5.7?

The egr valve is mounted directly to the right hand exhaust manifold on the front. It has a wire harness attached to it and a tube and flange bolted to it that goes to the intake just downstream of the throttle body (behind the air box). four bolts and one electrical connector and it comes off. be c (MORE)

How many speakers does dodge magnum have?

according to the JL Audio website. A dodge magnum standard SXT or SE setup has six speakers total. on the dash it has two 3.5" speakers; 6.5" speakers on the two front doors; and two 6x9" speakers in the rear.

Where is the sunroof fuse located on 2005 dodge magnum?

Inside trunk, near the spare tire, there is a power distribution module (fuse box with circuit breakers and relays). Sunroof fuse is a 20Amp fuse in this box. It is the one from the set of 3, on right bottom side, adjacent to the third relay from bottom right. (1st fuse slot from right bottom corner (MORE)

Dodge magnum on 24's?

The dodge magnum can fit 24s. You only can use a tire size 255/30/24, 275/25/24, or 245/30/24. Only thing you have to do is shave the thats above the tire. Shave just enough so it can clear tire. Thats it. no other modification is required. How do I know?? Because I used to owner a rt magnum on 24s, (MORE)

Where is oil filter located on a 2005 dodge magnum?

On a v6 it is located on the passenger side of the motor near the front on the bottom. be sure that the washer on the oil filter comes off with the filter, or there could be an oily mess. For some reason these washers like to stick. Not sure about v8 location

Why is your 2007 dodge magnum ticking?

if its a 3.5 liter it may have a dropped or broken rocker arm pedestal pin.this allows the rocker arm to turn and lose oil to the lifters usually can be heard on one side of the engine

What is in a batery?

WHAT'S INSIDE A BATTERY? While there are many different types of batteries, the basic concept by which they function remains the same. When a device is connected to a battery, a reaction occurs that produces electrical energy. This is known as an electrochemical reaction . Italian physicist C (MORE)

Where is the thermostat located on your Dodge Magnum?

if u find u radiator, its the big coil thing in the very front of ur car with fans attached to it, there will b 2 large rubber hoses going into it, disregard the 2 smaller metal ones threaded into it, follow the one on the right og the radiator it should b close to the top of it, follow it into the (MORE)

What size wiper blades 06 Dodge Magnum?

The 2006 Dodge Magnum takes 22" wiper blades on both sides front. See related link below. To ensure correct attachment as well as length, always lookup exact part numbers by make, model and year. There are 22+ wiper arm attachments and not all wipers fit all arms.

Where is the thermostat housing located in a 2005 dodge magnum?

Hemi, under the housing where the upper radiator hose hooks to the engine. V6, under the housing where the lower radiator hose hooks to the engine. Hemi, under the housing where the upper radiator hose hooks to the engine. V6, under the housing where the lower radiator hose hooks to the engine.

How do you recharge the ac in a dodge magnum?

On the low side port on ac lines. The smaller fitting of the two. Usually blue color. Or black not red! Buy from auto parts store read instructions. Must have car running ac on. Use extreme caution. Should Be done by professional only!!..""

Why did dodge stop making the magnum?

I don't really know the answer to this question but the Dodge Magnum was a good car. I believe it was discontinued. The same thing happened to other Dodge vechicles like: Neon Stealth Intrepid Spirit Stratus Lebaron Dakota Nitro Sundance Shadow Volare Dart Avenger Charger and Challenger.