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The name Magnum has been used on various Dodge vehicles. The latest variant is a large rear-wheel drive car launched in 2004. The car is distributed as the Chrysler 300 Touring in Australia and Europe.

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Fuel Filters
Dodge Magnum

When to replace a fuel filter on a dodge magnum rt?

The filter is in the tank and does not require service.

The filter is in the tank and does not require service.

Chevy Impala
Dodge Magnum

Which is faster a 1996 Impala SS or a 2005 Dodge Magnum?

A stock 1996 Impala SS came with a 5.7 Liter LT1 V8 - 260 horsepower and 330 lb.-ft. of torque. It ran a 15.4 second quarter mile, and did 0-60 mph in 7.2 seconds.

A stock 2005 Dodge Magnum RT comes with a 5.7-liter Hemi V8 - 340 horsepower and 390 lb.-ft. of torque. It runs a 14.7 second quarter mile and does 0-60 mph in 6.3 seconds.

The Dodge wins.

The Magnum R/T will win stock for stock every time. The Magnum R/T does NOT come with a manual transmission. Only a 5-speed automatic with the autostick function. True the Impalla can be modified and most probably are, but so can the Magnum, and then we aren't comparing apples to apples anymore. If you want to compare more similar vehicles, then lets compare a 1996 Impalla SS with a '98-'04 Dodge Dakota R/T. And yes, while the Dakota is a truck, the performance between the Impalla SS and the Dakota R/T is closer. Stock for stock, a race between an Impalla SS and a Dakota R/T will all depend on the driver. And the Dakota R/T takes to mods the same as the Impalla. Handling is also very similar.

True, the Magnum is faster. No doubt. It only took one of the big three 12 years to do so (first year of production on the Impala SS was 1994 and in their times and hp didnt change. Ive owned one of each and with a 12 year jump, don't you think that most Impala SS cars are hiding more under the hood - I'll auto cross a magnum to death in my 1996 Impala. And, to date I only have about 12K invested including purchase price(used. No I didnt wreck the 94 and 95. I sold them to friends.

The Magnum has 3 trim levels, the R/T is faster but the other 2 are not.

The Chevy can make almost as much power with intake and exhaust mods and 1.6 roller rockers. It can also be faster ( than stock ) with a different axle ratio. However, the dodge has a 5 speed tranny and it also weighs slighty less. Nevertheless, the Chevy is much cheaper even with mods and the overall performance can be made comparable to the dodge. I won't sell my 95 Lt-1 Chevy caprice wagon and I don't like the windows on the dodge.

The Vette will smoke the Magnum<----The Viper SRT-10 will smoke the Vette

I am sorry you guys do not own a Magnum. Just sit inside the car and enjoy the wonderful ride and trim. It is truly a luxury car/

Depends a bit on who is driving

Dodge Magnum

Where is the spare tire in dodge magnum?

open rear hatch. lift up storage handle for floor. see tire and battery

Dodge Magnum

Does a 05 dodge magnum 2.7 liter have a thermostat?

Yes its on the lower radiator hose on the driver side

Fuel Filters
Dodge Magnum

Where is fuel filter on dodge magnum rt?

The late model Dodge Magnum (2005+) fuel filter is in the tank, part of the pump module.

Dodge Magnum
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How many speakers does dodge magnum have?

according to the JL Audio website. A dodge magnum standard SXT or SE setup has six speakers total. on the dash it has two 3.5" speakers; 6.5" speakers on the two front doors; and two 6x9" speakers in the rear.

Dodge Magnum

Where is the oil pressure switch on a 2005 dodge magnum 2.7L?

passenger side of the block near the back of engine. should have a light green connector. screws into block.

Transmission Fluid
Dodge Magnum

Where is the transmission dipstick on a 2006 Dodge Magnum?

There is on dipstick for transmission fluid on these vehicle. You will have to take it to dealer, there is a special tool they use.

Dodge Magnum
Dodge Ram

What size is dodge magnum front door speakers?

6x9 same as the rear speakers

Dodge Magnum
Dodge Trucks

Dodge constant high idle?

Alot of idle problems can be narrowed down to three categories: airflow, gasflow, or vacuum. I have found on most of my dodge vehicles that vacuum tends to be the prominent problem, and going over all the vacuum lines can normally show the problem. Checking your spark plugs, wires, distributor, and idle air control is also a good idea.

Dodge Magnum
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Where is the speed sense wire on a 2005 Dodge Magnum?

Usully WHITE/ORANGE at harness on interior drivers side of firewall it should read with multimeter set to AC setting, you can also access it on the OBD II plug, it will be one of the extra pins Chrysler uses for that purpose. Again AC reading, increasing in voltage as speed increases..

Timing and Firing Orders
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What is the firing order for a 1998 Dodge Magnum 5.9L?

It is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 or you can buy a book at your local auto parts, or check out the Public Library.

Dodge Magnum

How do you connect a speed pulse on a Dodge Magnum?

the easiest way that i have found is to buy a manual (Haynes or Chilton) and it has a full car wiring diagram towards the back. find the one that is labelled "speed pulse" and it will give you the color of the wire. locate it in or under the dash in the main harness and tap into it with a clip.

Dodge Magnum

How do you program dodge magnum key less remote?

check in your owners manual.

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How do you change the clock on 05 dodge magnum?

On the RAK radio hold down the TIME button.

Dodge Magnum
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What actor played Magnum PI in the TV show Magnum PI?

Tom Selleck

Air Conditioning and Coolant
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How to recharge airconditioner?

This is not a DIY job as it requires specialist equiptment,As long as the system is ok and only requires regassing it is not an expensive job.

Oxygen Sensors
Dodge Magnum
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Why would you keep having a problem with the oxygen sensor on a brand new Dodge Magnum RT hemi and what is an oxygen sensor anyway?

An oxygen sensor is located in the exhaust where it analyses the gases going out the exhaust, and tells the computer what's going on...whether to add fuel, take away fuel or if there's a problem in the system. It's anyone's guess what is wrong since the car is new and could have a glitch or factory defect but it should be under warranty. Keep harassing the dealer to get it fixed.

Brakes and Tires
Brake Fluid and Lubrication
Dodge Magnum

Where can you find the brake fluid reservoir in a 2005 dodge magnum?

under the hood attached to the vacuum, it will be on the fire wall somewhere, most likely the left side (driver side) of the vehicle

Dodge Charger
Dodge Magnum

Is the bolt pattern on a dodge charger the same as a dodge magnum?

It should be as they are both the same platform.

Dodge Dakota
Dodge Magnum

Whats the firing order for a 97 Dodge Dakota 318 magnum 5.5L?


Dodge Magnum

How do you reset 2005 dodge magnum oil pressure switch?

There isn't a reset.

There isn't a reset.

Auto Parts and Repairs
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What does the IAT sensor look like on a 2005 Dodge Magnum with a 3.5 L V6?

Hello bud, I think and lead to believe that IAT sensors are fitted near the air flow box area? on all or most vehicles,and it will be fitted with a jack plug,,but you probally know that? Yours Richard.

Clutches and Flywheels
Dodge Magnum
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How much PSI needed to tighten a flywheel with six inner bolts on a '97 dodge ram 1500 4X4?

Put some blue locktight on the bolt threads which hold the flywheel to the crank then torque to 55 Ft-lbs

Dodge Magnum

Where is the engine number of dodge magnum v6 3.9?


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