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13 cooking hacks every chef should know?


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  1. Golden eggsShake your egg intensely for 2 or 3 minutes and then boil. You'll find yourself with the perfect golden egg, yolk evenly dispersed.
  2. Freeze Cool WhipAdd a little water to your Cool Whip and spread it out in a cooking pan. Freeze the pan overnight and then use cookie cutters for a cute way to dress up your Hot Chocolate or coffee!
  3. Make your own stand-up taco shellsPut tortillas on oven racks at 375 degrees for 8-10 minutes for homemade crunchy tacos that won't fall over.
  4. Make a cheap and cute containerUse a mason jar and a salt lid for a quick DIY salt or sugar container. It's eco-friendly and cute!
  5. Prevent clumpingAdd marshmallows to keep your brown sugar from clumping.
  6. Grill without stickingGrill your fish on top of a bed of lemons. It will infuse the fish and it will prevent the fish from sticking on the grill. Easy cleanup!
  7. Freeze lemonsFreeze lemons and water in cupcake tins for large ice cubes that are perfect for pitchers!
  8. Make perfect hash brownsUse a waffle iron to make perfectly cooked and sized hash browns.
  9. DIY StorageSave your old tic tac containers and turn them into spice containers.
  10. Thumbtack eggsUse a thumbtack to get the perfect boiled egg. The tacks make it much easier to peel!
  11. Know if an egg is freshA very fresh egg will sink to the bottom and lay on its side. A week old egg will be on the bottom with pointy end on top. Three week old eggs will be balanced with fat end sticking up. Bad eggs will be floating.
  12. Keep ice cream softPut the ice cream in a gallon zip lock bag and then put the bag in the freezer. It will taste like when you opened it!
  13. More space in small kitchenAdd a cutting board to a drawer to free up counter space.
  14. Remove the garlic smell!After working with garlic, run your hands against something that is stainless steel. It will take the pungent smell out of your hands.
  15. Keep your avocados greenAs soon as you slice open an avocado, sprinkle some lemon juice over the cut edge to keep it from turning brown.
  16. Turn leftover roast into italian beef sandwichesAfter preparing a roast in the crock pot, shred the leftover meat and store it in the same container with the flavorful drippings. The next day, cook the meat and drippings in a skillet along with some banana peppers and onions. Place the meat on a hoagie roll, top with extra banana peppers, swiss cheese, and a little hot sauce.
  17. Remove Egg Shells EasilyWet your fingers before removing egg shells and grabbing the pieces the fell in the bowl will be a snap!
  18. Pancake ShapesUse a cookie cutter to make really cool pancake shapes. The designs are endless!
  19. Eating a Cupcake Without The MessAre you sick of the cupcake crumbs that end up all over your floor? Eat a cupcake differently by peeling the cupcake out of the wrapper and then cutting the cake part in half. Put the bottom half on top of the icing to create a cake icing sandwich. No mess!

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