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1 psi = 27.68 in. H2O so 15 (27.68)= 415.2 in H2O

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How many feet of water does 15 PSI represent?

There are about 34.6 psi in 15 feet of water.

What should the fuel pressure be for a 1993 Dodge Dynasty?

2.5L - 15 psi3.0L and 3.3L - 40 psi2.5L - 15 psi3.0L and 3.3L - 40 psi

What is the fuel pressure numbers for a 1989 Dodge van 318?

14-15 PSI14-15 PSI

How many kilograms equal how many 15 centigrams?

0.00015 kilograms equal 15 centigrams.

15 crores is equal to how many us dllars?

15 crores is equal to how many million

How many PSI per bar?

15 lbs. Equals 1 bar

What is the P1756 code for a Dodge Durango?

Trouble code P1756 means: Governor pressure not equal to target at 15-20 psi

15 teaspoons equal how many oz?

15 teaspoon equal howmany oz?

How many olives equal 15 grams?

6 olives equal 15 grams

What psi radiator does a kenworth w900 use?

Most Kenworth radiators are 15 psi.

How many eggs equal 15 ounces?

7 Large eggs equal 15 ounces

How many milliliters equal 15 ccs?

For all practical purposes in cooking, 15 cc is equal to 15 ml.

How many drops are in 15 tbsp?


15 cm is equal to how many meters?

.15 meters.

How many twos are equal in value to 15 twos?

15 of them.

What is a what is air pressure measured with?

Air pressure can be stated in different ways. kpa is kilopascals, the metric system psi is pounds per square inch in the standard system 1 bar is equal to the air pressure at sea level 1 kpa= about 7 psi 15 psi = about 1 bar

How many kL does 15 liters equal?

15 liters equal 0.015kL* There are 1000 liters per kiloliter.

How many yards equal 15 feet?

15 ft =5yd

15 liters equal how many deciliters?

15 * 10 = 150

What should be the oil pressure on a 2005 jeep wrangler?

Minimum of 15 psi at idle when warm, 30 would be better.Should go over 40 psi at 2000 rpm.Minimum of 15 psi at idle when warm, 30 would be better.Should go over 40 psi at 2000 rpm.

60cups equal to how many quart?


How many fifths equal three?


How many gallons are equal to 60quarts?


15kL is equal to how many L?

15 kiloliters is equal to 15,000 liters

What is normal pressure for a sand filter?

15 psi

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