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Try checking the ground wire that goes to your fuel sending unit,It is located on the frame next to the fuel tank, you will see the wire coming out of the top of the fuel tank to the top of the frame beside it, make sure that connection is good, If that does not fix the problem then it is probably a bad fuel sending unit.

Additional Answer : Also check the lead wire connected to the top of the tank using a test light (yes you can reach it by hand without taking down the tank though it is a tight fit). They are inexpensive tools that saves you a lot of hassle in the long run. If you don't get power to the tank (light does not come on) do not assume the sending unit just yet! Make sure you have a good connection and if that is still not the case then work your way up towards the the cab following that lead wire. You may find your problem is a lot simpler than having to drop the tank.

I've had this same problem and believe me I made the mistake to drop the tank first and change the sending unit when I was not thinking of checking the wire all the way up to the cab. Its a lot of work to jump into when all I found out later was that the wire had snapped in two right before you go up the firewall of the cab. Think outside of the box!

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Q: 1982 Chevy s-10 fuel gauge is erratic and moves in all directions and never stays in one spot?
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