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check the fuel air ratio, also check the choke settings.

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Gas tank capacity 1982 650 Yamaha maxim?

my 1981 650 maxim has a 2.9 galon cap.

How to check oil on a 1983 Yamaha Maxim 650?

a small round window rigt next to the back brake lever

Does a gas tank from a 1982 Yamaha maxim fit a 1981 maxim 650?

yes exact fit if the 82 is also a 650

How much oil does a Yamaha maxim 650 hold?

A Yamaha Maxim 650 motorcycle has a 4-cylinder engine. The Yamaha Maxim 650 will hold 3.1 quarts or 2.65 milliliters of oil with the oil filter attached.

Is a 650 Maxim Yamaha motorcycle the same as a XJ650 Yamaha motorcycle?

Originally the maxim was a cruiser and the xj a tourer. Later the xj 650 maxim was a bit of both. There are many through-the-ages examples on google images.

Will a Honda shadow sissy bar fit a Yamaha maxim 650?

A Honda shadow sissy bar usually will not fit a Yamaha maxim 650. You will need to purchase the exact sissy bar fit from a Yamaha manufacture.

What is the float level on a Yamaha maxim 650?

whats the float setting on a bst34 carbator

Will your harley Davidson sportster shocks 2007 fit a 80 Yamaha 650 maxim?


Where can you find an Owners manual for a Yamaha 650 Maxim Motorcycle?

See the web site

Where is the yamaha xj 650 maxim air filter?

It is under the seat...inside the "air box"...

How do you replace a battery on a Yamaha maxim 650?

To change look at your right hand side guard that says maxim. Pop this guard off and you'll find the battery casing.

Where can you find a wiring diagram for a 1980 650 maxim?

One can be found on this page, Http://

What is the gas tank size of a 1980 Yamaha maxim 650?

Haalay Menu v nahi Pataa..

What type gear oil and what is the capacity of 1982 650 Yamaha maxim?

Hypoid 80/90W. Check

Where do you drain the oil on a 1981 Yamaha maxim 650?

Look under the bike for the drain plug under the motor area.

Is the 1982 Yamaha maxim 650 the same as the 1982 Yamaha midnight maxim mechanically speaking as far as engine and carberater parts are they the same?

Yes they are the same. The midnight maxim is an all black bike. exhaust and carbs are all black. same bike just no chrome on it.

What is the cold crank amps for a motorcraft bxt-65-650 battery?


How do you adjust the timing for a 1981 Yamaha maxim xj 650?

To adjust the timing for a 1981 Yamaha Maxim XJ 650, remove the spark plug wires and remove both spark plugs counterclockwise. Then remove the cam chain adjustment cap on the back of the cylinders just below the carburetor to be able to adjust the timing.

How many miles per gallon does a Yamaha maxim 650 get?

If the bike is in decent shape, you should expect to get at least 50 MPG.

How much does a 1983 Honda shadow 750cc weigh?


Where is the turn signal flasher 82 Yamaha maxim 650?

The flasher relay is located under the sear area on the right side of the bike

Why does your 1981 Yamaha 650 maxim lose power on hills?

could possible be because there are gravity fed and the motor is gettin choked of fuel

How many GL 650 Silverwing Motorcycles did Honda manufacture in 1983?


How many cold cca does a 2000 ford expedition have?

It came from the factory with the Motorcraft BXT-65-650 battery ( that's BCI group size 65 and is 650 cold cranking amps )

Where can you find a free wiring diagram of the 1980 Maxim 650?

A free wiring diagram of this bike and the UK and 750 modles can be found at, Http://

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