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maybe try flushing the cooling system, or replace temp sending unit.


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Could Be head gasket or thermostat. That's what happened to me...Could Be head gasket or thermostat. That's what happened to me...

When the thermostat and radiator were replaced, coolant could have dripped into an electrical connector or a sensor could be disconnected or damaged. Check the temperature sensor and crankshaft sensors first.

could be your thermostat is stuck or perhaps and needs to be replaced.

the head could be warped BUT try removing the thermostat because that could be a bad thermostat try running it without it if its a blown head will not have compression and the oil will look milky

Could be spark in the motor, or the distributor and rotor need to be replaced.

There is an engine temperature sensor that operates the cooling fan.

it could be that you've put too much coolant to percentage of water in

There could be many reasons. Not enough coolant or bad flow, faulty thermostat, low oil. If the coolant freezes then it will overheat. If your car continues to overheat then you should have the coolant flushed and thermostat replaced.

Did you put the thermostat in backwards? I would check to see where the steam is coming from. I had to change out small hoses for the same problem with mine.

It could be a blocked heater core if your fan works... Or it could be your thermostat... I have an 03 that is doing the same thing. I just replaced the thermostat and it is still doing it. There is a site called you may get some better answers there

Could be your electric fan on the radiator is shot, or the relay is bad.

It could be that the 'thermometer' and I presume you mean Thermostat is in backwards

If the engine is taking a long time to warm up or the gauge registers low heat the thermostat probably is stuck open and needs to be replaced. If the engine runs hot check the temperature of the upper radiator hose. If it's not hot the thermostat is stuck closed and should be replaced. If the upper hose is hot it means the thermostat is open and working. Cooling problem could be restricted radiator.

Have flushed complete cooling system replaced water pump radiator thermostat clutch fan added 2gal straight anti freeze then filled to capacity with water and truck is still over heating. What else could possibly be wrong

Your heater core could be plugged. I've had it happen to a 98 and an 01 S10 pickup. I flushed the core both directions and it heats like crazy now.

clogged radiator, advanced timing, worn water pump, dragging brakes, etc. Usually, the thermostat isn't the real cause of overheating.

either your low on anti-freeze or the thermostat is broken. i just changed my thermostat today and i cost $11 so it won't hurt to get it replaced even if your not sure its broken.

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