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i suggest going to and go to the forums, they know their stuff there

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Why does your RC nitro backfire when you run it?

It backfires because if you are going high speed and then suddenly let off the gas the extra gas that is flowing in has to come out some time another way it backfires is that something on the exhaust or carbeurator is loose or is missing something.

Do most people die suddenly?

no it is very uncommon to die suddenly. But it could happen and it has happened sometimes, but very unlikely.

1993 Pathfinder cruise control suddenly stopped working The dash light comes on but will not lock in have checked the fuse so where do I start trouble shooting?

Check the linkage under the hood on the Pathfinder. Also check the vacuum system, as a leak can cause the Cruise to not work.

Why do the pads of your thumbs hurt suddenly sometimes?

to move and heard material

What does transmission slip feel like?

put it in gear, sometimes it goes sometimes not. 2 gear sometimes goes sometimes not,,, as your driving along, suddenly its like its in nutrel

What is the prognosis for mutism?

The prognosis for mutism is good. Sometimes it disappears suddenly on its own.

What climates are wildfires in?

Wildfires sometimes break out suddenly in hot, dry climates such as brushland.

Why do girls sometimes act mysterious. For example suddenly a girl joins me and my friends during school but doesn't say or do much at all?

Girls may sometimes act mysterious when she suddenly joins you and your friends because she wants to be part of your group.

What are the release dates for Suddenly Susan - 1996 Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut 3-15?

Suddenly Susan - 1996 Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut 3-15 was released on: USA: 8 February 1999 Germany: 2 May 2001

Can uniform velocity appear in circular motion?

No.. this is impossible. Velocity must have a constant direction and speed to remain constant, it may have a constant speed, but the direction in a circle constantly changes. If it suddenly were to have constant direction, then the motion would go off on a tangent.. making it linear motion, not circular. In circular motion, velocity constantly changes. Always.

What are rapid flows of water that fill desert stream beds?

Flash floods that sometimes suddenly form after a thunderstorm in the desert.

How were refugees lives affected?

Refugees have to flee sometimes with only the clothes on their back, it is a very hard life to face suddenly.

Can drive on a cracked tire rim?

NO, it will leak air and can go down very suddenly sometimes. -VERY bad idea.

Do animals reduce the stress of people?

sometimes yes, sometimes no. yes, because when you are stressful, your pets will stay beside you and play with you no, because when you are already stressful... suddenly your pet pee on the floor...

Why would somebodys taste buds suddenly change?

Sometimes when a person is suffering from the flu or a common cold, their taste buds will suddenly change. This means that a food or drink that the person usually enjoys may taste weird.

Is 'suddenly' a sentence?

No, but you can make a sentence with the word suddenly. Suddenly it started to rain.

What is suddenly as an comparative?

"Suddenly" doesn't have a comparative and superlative form. Instead, you would say "more suddenly" or "most suddenly."

Comparative form of suddenly?

It is most suddenly and most suddenly

Why is your Frontosa Cichlid dark?

Sometimes Cichlids change color when the temperature of the tank drops or rises suddenly. From my experience. -Alan Armour

What is the antonym for suddenly?


What is the comparative and superlative form of suddenly?

more suddenly, most suddenly

While driving your 05 Nissan Pathfiner will suddenly lose power and go into a rough idle barely idleing at times No power from gas peddle and gauges all go off Sometimes it will suddenly gain power?

cause he is stupid

Why do you sometimes suddenly experience a chill down your body on hot days?

I think it is just a spasmodic movement, the nerves tensing and muscles rippling.

Is suddenly an adjective?

No, suddenly is an adverb.

Does a girl like you if you sometimes catch her looking at you and she suddenly just looks away and sometimes looks away while saying Okay but she has a boyfriend What do you if she does?

I would probably say yes as a person that does that. :L but everyone is different.

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