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you need to replace the vehicle speed sensor that should take care of bothe the speedodmeter and the blinking S3 light

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What is the first thing to check on a 2004 gmc sierra when the speedometer is not working right and keeps sticking?

If it is the same problem that appeared on my '04, it is going to be the instrument cluster. The speedometer is part of it and couldn't be changed independently. Mine started bouncing some when I would first start it up, then start working normal. I ignored that for a while. Then it got to where it would not move at all till I had driven some , then it would start working right. It finally got where it wouldn't move at all or just peg out. I had the cluster changed and that fixed it.

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Why would all the gauges of the instrument cluster in my 99 Ford Windstar will start bouncing around and even peg at the high end without affecting dash lights I have to disconnect battery to clear?

Just had the same problem with my 03 Windstar, problem went on for about 3months. Finally replaced the alternator and have not had a problem since.

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Honda oil light blinking?

I had this problem just the other day. After asking around I finally figured out that I had to change the oil pressure sensor. This sensor is located above the oil filter. I used a socket wretch to unscrew the old one and replace with a brand new sensor. This solved my problem. Hope this helps.

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My 168000 mile 1998 dodge grand caravan check engine light went on after a power surgeloss and the speedometer went up and down and finally all gears clunk is this a gear trans. or TCM problem?

If the gears are clunking in the transmission, this is a transmission problem in a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan. The fact that the speedometer went up and back down suggests that the transmission slipped. It is more likely that a gear belt in the transmission failed, than something being wrong with the transfer case module or TCM.

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