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check your mass air flow sensor. Im having the same problem right now with my 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix & i had a mechanic tell me it was my mass air flow sensor.

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1989 Pontiac grand prix 3.1Li rough idle and stalls when you accelerate you replaced wires plugs and a faulty coil still has rough idle but better than before and still stalls on acceleration also sme?

plugged catalytic converter

Why do my 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix misses fire as it accelerate?

had this promblem before check the catalytic converter it must be blocked,check the back pressure

What is the length of the Acceleration zone?

In a relay race the acceleration zone is 10m long.

Why does a skydiver accelerate as she falls to the earth before opening her chute?

The acceleration is due to gravity. She will reach a terminal velocity of about 120 MPH when the drag and the force of gravity are equal.

What is the cheetah's acceleration?

A Cheetah can accelerate as fast as a Ferrari. In Numbers, it can accelerate from 0-100kph in just about 3 seconds, a few strides. The maximum speed of a Cheetah is 114km/h and it will mantain this speed for a short distance before stopping to rest for a long time to cool down. So the cheetah acceleration is unmatched, compared to the best sportscar available. (talking about 0-100km/h, the car would continue to accelerate after that, and the cheetah doesn't).

Are all accelerations the result of gravity?

No, if you are driving and press the accelerator down to increase the fuel and air mixture & increase RPM then you will accelerate forward for a time before you come stop accelerating and just keep going

How can you increase an objects acceleration?

By applying more force to the object or lowering the object's mass. Lowering the object's mass allows one to apply the same amount of force as before and the object will accelerate further. This is due to force being equal to mass times acceleration.

What does acceleration refers to in science?

acceleration is how much faster u are than the unit of time before

1994 GMC Vandura 2500 quick hard acceleration caused engine to sputter out but slow acceleration would allow speed of 50 mph replaced air and fuel filter ran before those repairs now dead help?

You need to check the fuel pump.

What is an example sentence with the word 'acceleration'?

The plane's sudden acceleration threw me backwards, right into the arms of the stewardess.

Do you have to lift the engine to replace an oil pan on a 31 liter v6 in a Pontiac sunbird?

I've replaced one before, you don't need to lift the engine, but there is some there is some crazy angles to work with.

Can a situation exist in which an object has zero velocity and nonzero acceleration?

Imagine throwing a ball upwards. It slows down(negative acceleration), and is eventually brought to a stop for a moment before starting to accelerate downwards. Keep in mind that throughout the entire journey there is a downward acceleration of g(9.81 m s-2) acting on the ball, even at that moment where the ball stopped mid-air. Of course that condition was only temporary, but it is still possible nonetheless.

How do reset tire pressure monitor in Pontiac G6?

Go to the Pontiac dealership before it closes for good!!

Which has the greatest acceleration a 100-gram a 150 gram or a 200 gram?

None. Assuming they are falling with the same conditions, they accelerate equally. But the 200 gram object has the greatest terminal velocity therefore reaching a higher velocity before resting at a constant speed.

Can your lung be replaced?

No your lungs cant be replaced because you ll die before you can.

What happens to a skydiver before they open their parachute?

They jump out of the plane and accelerate to terminal velocity.

If you drop an object it will accelerate downward at a rate of 9.8 meters per second squared if you instead throw it downwards its acceleration will be greater or less 9.8 meters per second?

Whether the object is dropped, thrown downwards, thrown upwards, or thrown horizontally, its downward acceleration is the same 9.8 meters per second2. If it's thrown downwards, however, its speed at any instant is greater than the speed at the same instant would be if it had only been dropped, since it has some speed before the acceleration begins.

How does vertical acceleration change when an object is dropped?

It doesn't. The acceleration is the same before and after; the only thing that changes is that the opposing force goes away.

Which makes and models came before the 2003 Vibe in the Pontiac line-up?

Pontiac started it's business in the early 1900's and have come out with multiple models of several different cars. Some of these early models include the Pontiac Fiero, and the Pontiac Grand Am. The Pontiac Tempest, and the Pontiac GTO are also good examples.

Do dealers have to fix the acceleration problems before selling a used Toyota?

The acceleration problems should have all been fixed the first time they went through this. If not, it is the dealers responsibility to get the car fixed before they get sold.

What are silicon chips replaced of?

Silicon chips replaced individual transistors and before that vacuum tubes (valves).

Why do athlete run before long jumping?

To gain momentum and to increase his acceleration.

What is the probability of getting an ace of hearts and a king of hearts from a regular deck of cards without jokers?

The answer depends on how many cards are drawn and whether or not they are replaced before the next card is drawn.The answer depends on how many cards are drawn and whether or not they are replaced before the next card is drawn.The answer depends on how many cards are drawn and whether or not they are replaced before the next card is drawn.The answer depends on how many cards are drawn and whether or not they are replaced before the next card is drawn.

What pervious object has the automobiles replaced?

The horse and buggy was replaced by the automobile. Trains already existed before the automobile.

If you have a suction cup capable of lifting 200 pounds vertically and attach it connected to a 2-pound payload to a car how fast can you drive before the device loses suction?

Let's assume that the 2 pound payload is on frictionless wheels and the suction cup is horizontal so that the force acting to separate it from the payload is entirely due to the acceleration of the car and the inertia of the payload. In that case: You can accelerate at 100 G before the force is sufficient to pull the payload loose. Note that this is a limitation on how fast you can accelerate, not how fast you can drive; you can drive as fast as your car will go as long as you accelerate at less than 100 G to get there (this shouldn't be a problem, as no car can accelerate at anywhere near 10 G, let alone 100 G). 100 G corresponds to 3200 ft/sec/sec, or "zero to sixty" in about three-hundredths of a second.