1990 Ford Probe ldash removal?

  • Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  • Remove the steering wheel.
  • Remove the instrument cluster.
  • Remove the lower dash trim.
  • Remove the driver's side sound deadening panel.
  • Remove the instrument panel shake brace.
  • Remove the lower dash ducts.
  • Remove the instrument cluster carrier.
  • Remove the lower steering column bracket retaining screws and lower column.
  • Remove the shift indicator and shift indicator bezel.
  • Remove the ashtray.
  • Remove the shift handle.
  • Remove the floor console.

14. Remove the radio and, if equipped, the compact disc player.

If equipped, remove the trip computer display as follows:

  • Remove the display cover bezel.
  • Remove the 2 display housing attaching screws and pull the housing straight out of the dash. It may be necessary to gently pry the display free from the instrument panel.
  • Disconnect the electrical connector and remove the display.

If not equipped with a trip computer, remove the center mounting nut access cover.

Remove the passenger side lower instrument panel panel.

Remove the glove box.

Remove the left and right console kick panels.

Remove the heater control bezel. Disconnect and remove the heater control.

Slide the accessory console back far enough to access the mounting bolts at the floor. Remove the bolts.

Remove the left and right dash side covers.

Remove the bolts from the left and right sides of the dash.

Remove the instrument panel center mounting nut.

Remove the hood release cable handle.

Remove the left and right A to B-pillar trim.


The remaining removal Steps require the help of an second person

Lift the instrument panel and tilt it toward the rear of the vehicle.

Disconnect all remaining electrical connectors, including the dash harness, the wire connector at the left-hand main harness, and the shift lock wiring connector.

Remove the instrument panel from the vehicle.